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Lost Dutchman Marathon 2016

We think Lost Dutchman Marathon is a terrific event, but don't just take our word for it. Every year we get lots of positive feedback. See what runners from around the country have had to say about our race. Or see what runners are saying to the marathon community as a whole on Marathonguide.com.

Lost Dutchman 2016 Feedback

If you participated in this event; please take a moment to fill our out survey and provide us with your feedback!

Feedback Welcome

We welcome and encourage your feedback on our event.  We read everything and seriously consider all advice and criticism with the objective of making the Lost Dutchman Marathon better every year.

Nearly all feedback is published to our web site, however we may not post angry comments about specific isolated instances or those strictly offering advice. Editing is limited to cosmetic changes. You can complete our online survey, add a comment using our online contact form or send an e-mail directly to me: Grady McEachern.

Grady McEachern - Race Director