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Lost Dutchman Marathon 2008

We think Lost Dutchman Marathon is a terrific event, but don't just take our word for it. Every year we get lots of positive feedback. See what runners from around the country have had to say about our race.

2008 Feedback

This was my first time running the Lost Dutchman Marathon and my 4th marathon in total. I was so thrilled with everything from start to finish. When our bus pulled up to the starting area you could hear a collective “oohhhh” at the site of all the fires against the night sky. I thought that was such a great idea, thanks for the carpet to sit on too!  I was very nervous about the condition of the road with all the recent rains. I know you spent most of Saturday working on it and whatever you did worked because the road was in good condition and the start was beautiful. The aid stations were great. All the people were so friendly and helpful it is hard to pick my favorite but I would say mile 25. (Also thanks for offering Gatorade instead of some exotic sports drink that I had never tried). I want to say this was probably the friendliest marathon I have ever run, from all the wonderful volunteers to the other runners. I was glad to meet the Lost Dutchman and his Donkey at the finish that was a cute touch. The medal is beautiful (thank you for making it so nice) and I like the long sleeved race t-shirt. On top of all that I ran my best time ever! (Hills, what hills?) I could not have done it without the great atmosphere you created. I will definitely be back. Thank you!

Renée Powers, Tucson


Just a quick note to support the Lost Dutchman Marathon as one of best marathons in the country - not just one of the Best Little Marathons!

We've run a few marathons in beautiful places, but watching the sky get lighter while you're sitting on a blanket next to a fire with a few hundred running friends in a desert in full bloom cannot be beaten - especially given we were married at the base of Superstition Mountain in May 2006 (at 112 degrees!!!).  When we arrived at the start area and saw the fires, we knew this would be an awesome run.  For anyone looking for beauty as well as a great, well-supported run, look no further than the Lost Dutchman.  For the first seven or eight miles, you're running in a green desert with the sun behind you illuminating it all in front of you.  Local and race support, aid stations (including the starting area!), and location - all were better than any race we've been to.  We'll run this again. 

By the way, if you need a truly inspiring story, we talked with one around the fire before the run.  Bill Nielsen, age 67, from Lacombe, Alberta, Canada.  This was his 99th marathon.  He didn't start running until his 40s.  The real story (aside from a goal of running 100 marathons) is that he has Parkinson's Disease, and is still running. He basically burns up one entire shoe during the race, as he apparently tends to drag it a bit excessively.  He mixes his medication in his water bottle, and is able to medicate throughout the race.  Not if that isn't enough, but he runs with a running partner to help carry his needs…and the real inspiration is that most of these partners are runners he's helped or inspired in some way over the years, and now they are giving back to him by helping him achieve his goal of running 100 marathons.  His target was 5 hours (I think I recall this target).  He came in at 4:20, second in his age group.  Blew away the goal, and one more to go.  Truly inspiring. Thanks again for the awesome morning.

Kevin & Melynda Hamilton -Evergreen, CO


I wanted to thank you once again for putting on such an outstanding race. The bus ride the warming bus and the fires before the run begins is such a real treat.  The medal you give is the prettiest medal I own and I have a few.  The run has given me such good thoughts of your area that I want my parents to move there later this year.  I will review your sponsor list and I will make at least one purchase from each one this year.  Huguette was not able to make it this year for me to carry her across the finish line  but I told her all about it.

Dan Brenden


Many thanks to the fine team that put on the Lost Dutchman Marathon! I enjoyed the event a lot.  The volunteers were enthusiastic and caring.  The woman at the expo who was answering questions about the route was super!  I will recommend this race to my running buddies.  I appreciated the frequent water stops and all the orange cones to mark our running lane. I wish the whole 26 miles could have been as beautiful as the first 6.   It was great watching sunrise from the start area and savoring the beauty of the desert in those first 6 miles. Well done! 

Sonia Maassel Jacobsen - Roseville, MN


I ran for the first year in your 10K event. It was a great race, nice course and thank you to all the volunteers and organizers. We didn't know where to vote but water station #1 on the 10K was so cute with the little kids, it was our favorite. We're looking forward to next year.

Heather Fetter - Mesa, AZ


This was my third Dutchman, and I'm already looking forward to signing up for the 4th. Well run event with very friendly people everywhere, great volunteers, everything at the finish line, it was all great. Save me a spot in 2009!

Chad Getchell - Las Vegas, NV


I want to thank all of the organizers, volunteers and local residents that made this race the best I've ever ran. This was my 5th half-marathon and favorite by far. It is amazing how perfectly organized this race was but still retaining the wonderful small-town feel. The volunteers at every aid station were so happy and generous from the boy scouts and girl scouts to the purple ladies and neighbors that set up their own station with Barbie cups and orange slices. Not only that, but the course was absolutely gorgeous. I am from southern California, but will make this trip every year as long as the Lost Dutchman event still exists. Thank you for everything!

Amber Utley - San Bernardino, CA


I just wanted to drop a line say what a great job you folks do putting on a race. Ive heard many good things about your race and have been meaning to make the cross valley trek to run one of your events ( I live
in Surprise ) It was pretty much a last minute decision I made to join up with a friend of mine and his son in running the 2 mile fun run/walk. I got out there Sunday morning, got parked and took the shuttle over to
the start/finish area. Found the registration area and got signed up very quickly. The volunteer that helped me with that process and the folks handing out shirt were very friendly. Met up with my friend and ran the race. Was surprised to get handed a participant ribbon at the finish. Wow, a long sleeve cotton shirt and a ribbon for 20 bucks, ya cant beat that! Made my way to the refreshment area and then headed back to the finish area to watch more runners. I'll definitely be back next year. If I can keep injuries at a minimum, I'll be signing up for the half next year.

Frank LoCascio - Surprise, AZ


I have participated in the 8K run twice. All I can say is that you folks organize a class act! As a resident of Gold Canyon, I am proud to being able to say that this collection of runs takes place right in "my own back yard". Your organizational skills are top-notch, and the attitude and enthusiasm of your volunteers is very much appreciated! Thank you for your awesome teamwork!

LuAnn Hauser - Gold Canyon, AZ


I had a fabulous time yesterday, and I'd like to thank you and all the myriad volunteers who made the entire weekend a joy.  I hate to admit that my husband and I signed up for the race specifically because of the medal we'd seen online, and having one in my hand now is NOT a disappointment.  Simply spectacular!  This is our second time doing the Dutchman, and once again we found enthusiastic volunteers at the water stops, a great finish, and The Prospector (with dog!) to make the experience complete.  It was -5 when we got up Friday morning, so just having sunshine and warmer temperatures would have been enough for us but once again you exceeded expectations.  Packet pick-up was a snap; we've never encountered such an endless herd of helpful and friendly people making sure we had everything we needed. I did my best to thank the volunteers on the course, but please make sure they know they made a huge difference to each of us out on the course, allowing us to do our best with their support.  Well done, everyone, and thanks again!

Pat S. Minneapolis, MN

I can't say enough good things about the Lost Dutchman Marathon. This was my third time in running this race (and 41st Marathon), and each time it gets better. The enthusiasm of your volunteers is unparalleled. And, while the course is challenging, it has great scenery and I really appreciate the point to point layout and ample support. The starting line and finish line festivities are incredibly well done, and each time I've done this race I've met several really great people - and also made some friends. Thanks again for an outstanding event - and please keep up the great work!

Peter Klein Tucson, AZ


Thank you for a beautiful run and well-organized race yesterday. My friend (Linda Brewer, 60-64) and I both won our age groups, but we had to leave early. Could we send you some money and have them mailed to us? We'd be happy to do that. Thanks for your help.

Sherry Hansen (55-59 age group) Tucson, AZ


My wife and I would like to thank you for all of the support you gave us during the 2008 Lost Dutchman Marathon.  Your volunteers were fantastic! We have done 28 marathons (even though our time couldn't prove it) and do know what great support is like.  From the little juniors to the Seniors we had met we couldn't have been happier.  They were not only supportive with the drinks and gels(doughnuts) but also with the uplifting verbal support they gave us during the event. I also wanted to thank the gentleman in the support vehicle that followed us all the way to the end.  The law officers that assisted all the runners was gratefully appreciated.  I was here thirty years ago staying with my grandparents who lived on Tonto Street and remember some of the kindness and beauty the area had to offer and was not surprised that it had never left.

We enjoyed the route and the added bonuses of a few water crossings.  An unfortunate step caused a minor sprain ankle in my wife at mile two but couldn't keep us from enjoying this event with the fantastic weather. 

I do remember going through the water stop supported by the Search and Rescue Team.  Little did I know at the time I would have to call them two days later while climbing in Superstition Mountains about a climber that had fallen and had injured himself. It was good to talk with Cooper and remember a face that went with the name that was given over the phone.  The doughnuts he offered us during the run, hopefully went to the Sheriff's Officer that was following us . 

Jay and Debbie Lakamp -Portland, OR


The course was really well marked! I wasn't a huge fan of the thick chalk arrows, but they were really effective. The streets were super clean! I'd been training on the course off and on for weeks and had never seen them looking so good. Terry did awesome with the marathon start area! There were so many smiling faces stoking the fires and saying, “Good Morning!” I had three friends run the race only because I suggested it and they were not disappointed. Also, I never expected to get back the throw away jacket and gloves I tossed at mile 3, but she picked everything up and had it at the finish. No other race has done that for me. CAC did great at the massage tent! It was a HUGE improvement from last year. They had several tables, were super friendly and the line moved pretty quickly. I hope they come back every year. The website is awesome and easy to navigate! I especially like how the different medals are highlighted.

Kathi Ridgeway - Gilbert, AZ

It was a wonderful experience. Thank you! Everything about the event was positive: bib pickup, race day, all volunteers, FOOD! It was great! Thank you!

Marti Cutler & Harriet Turney - Phoenix, AZ

The Tucson group just returned from the full and half marathon. Everyone commented how great the event was, well organized, well marked, great aid stations. The weather helped too, it was a beautiful day. We enjoyed our trip and look forward to doing it again next year. Congratulations to you and your committee. I can't believe it, but two of our runners PR'd today, one in the half, the other in the full.

Elisa Kinder -Tucson, AZ


I want to express sincere thanks and appreciation for a great race. I was one of the individuals that got "detoured" last year. With lots of frustration and disappointment last year - I said I would never run this half marathon again. Well, those were words of frustration. I enjoyed this year's (2008) race and look forward to 2009.
Things that made the race a success:

1. The course was challenging and well maintained.
2. The water/Gatorade stations had plenty of volunteers.
3. There was plenty of food for all the runners.

Thanks for your commitment and dedication to the Runners of the Lost Dutchman 1/2 Marathon.

Cheryl McKenzie - Phoenix, AZ

Thank you to everyone for a GREAT RACE! The course was beautiful and the organization was outstanding!

Eric Indiciani - Delaware, OH

This is just a note to say thanks to you and your volunteers for a great event overall. It's my second event there and I am a believer. From your information packets to bus drivers everyone seems to be on the same sheet of music to deal with anxious runners in order to make them happy, and yes we can be a demanding lot. Again, thank you to all of the organizations involved in this event and most of all, what a cool finish medal...for us regulars that caps it off. Thank you again.

Leslie Woods - Benson, AZ



My friend and I have looked at race results this am and are disappointed to not see a separation between runners and walkers. We registered as walkers and were assuming we would be able to compare our times with other walkers as this was our first attempt at an event such as this. We came down from Canada and have really enjoyed the weather the people and the pre event and of course our race. Thanks to all those who worked on the planning of all this.

Lois Campbell & Donna Truckey - Okotoks, AB, Canada


I was one of the first to write and complain last year about the half marathon so I thought I should also be one of the first to congratulate you on a successful event this year.
Hopefully I will be back again next year to defend my age range win. Thanks again,

Andy - Phoenix, AZ


Colleen, Sorry Jerry and I didn't get a chance to meet up with you in person but we got right to our assignment of prepping and serving the "After Race" snacks and had a great time. Both the other volunteers and participants were so positive and happy that it was a joy for us to be there. Jerry has been running races, marathons and Ironmans (one in Kona when he was 48 . . . he is now 66) and this finish area was one of the best organized and most generous in terms of food available we have ever seen. You have a great thing going and we can't wait for next year's Lost Dutchman so we can volunteer again.

Janet Hanrahan


Thanks, it was a spectacular event. The support was awesome and it was just an enjoyable day.

Greg Roberts - Phoenix, AZ

This is just a quick note on the race. I really enjoyed it and I will definitely do it again. Last year was my first year and I was pretty unhappy with the course problems...but this year brought me back on board. Since I griped a lot about the problems last year, I felt it was only appropriate to give props for the excellent job this year. Everything ran smooth...even the parking/ buses. It was a very nice time and perfect weather. Thanks! I will do it again for sure.

Shane Neil - Phoenix, AZ

This was my first race with this type hills and I loved it but my body didn't. I almost didn't sign up when I saw the description of the elevation changes, up hill out to turn around and then down hill all the way back. I found the rolling hills in the 10K challenging but at least you could alternate going up and back down the hills. I can't wait till next year and I have two blown knees. I walk /run and mostly walk but I am slowly building up my leg muscles. Maybe next year I can brave the half marathon.

Tom Foy - Mesa, AZ

I have wanted to run this race for the past few years but didn't get a chance until recently. I have to say I was impressed with the organization, and many volunteers enthusiasm. You certainly can't beat the views. I think the boy scouts at mile one had the most pep. I do think more water stations may have been a benefit though. My husband did think that the spectator availability at the start/ finish line was a bit hard to see and get into to cheer. Thanks for making this a fun race; I will be back next year,

Deb Rhoads

Thanks for hosting a great event this weekend. I was among the complainers last year due to the marathon course diversion that had occurred. Obviously, this year went off much better and I just wanted to thank you for putting so much effort into the event- it showed. Please pass along my thanks to your entire crew. I pushed my wife out this year; she finished her very first 10K and I completed the marathon. We had a great time!

Jim Belfiore -Phoenix, AZ



I gotta say, the folks at the half-marathon turn around were damn upbeat but playing the theme from the a-team was a stroke of sheer genius. I credit them for my negative split time.

Clifford J. Schexnayder


First of All - Thanks to all that helped in putting this event together! This was my first full marathon and the experience was great! The event was beautiful! Those that were involved in the organization and those that participated in the event were the nicest of nice. Thanks to the lady who I met at mile 23 when I was not at all in best form. She provided me with some encouraging words and I'll never forget her. This was her 42nd marathon so I considered her to be a realizable source when she was encouraging me to give it my all, we were coming down the home stretch and she said this is the last two minutes, you can do anything for the two minutes - take off! The only piece if the organization that I found to be lacking was the way in which the instructions for the event were written. The information was presented in a fragmented way - it was if a few individuals had written the instructions and pieced it all together at the last minute.

Carla Fischer - Phoenix, AZ


I just wanted to recognize the volunteers at the information desk (at the finish). I was supposed to run the Marathon, but missed the last shuttle. I was kicking myself for being so irresponsible, and had decided to just head home without participating in any of the events. I asked the volunteers at the information desk if there was anything they could do, and a woman named Jodie presented a few options, then got on her cell and started calling to verify details and safety concerns. She was amazingly helpful, and I ended up doing the half-marathon twice at her suggestion. This was my 7th marathon, and it was by far the best experience I have ever had with a volunteer staff. I can't say enough about how much Jodie's help and concern bolstered my attitude. In the end, she said her biggest concern was that I was going to miss the great views at the beginning of the marathon. Thanks so much for having such a great staff.

Matt Jenkins


I had read the great reviews of this marathon, but the reviews do not do it justice. I run around the Boulder reservoir in Colorado constantly, and thought this would be a glorified reservoir run with a few large cactus - no way. This was a challenging, well supported, gorgeous run that I will encourage anyone to race. How many races can you say are challenging, but that you enjoyed? This is one of those races. I have put it at the top of my list of half marathons. Thank you for such an amazing experience.
Best Aid Station Bar None goes to the Purple Ladies at the bottom of The Dutchman's Revenge. They were enthusiastic, love the purple, and really LOVE and appreciate the large signs for water and Gatorade. Their signs were welcome relief for any runner in the zone :).

Helly Duncan -Louisville, CO


I just wanted to thank you, your volunteers, and the Apache Junction community for all of your support during the Lost Dutchman event this past weekend. We understand why you were selected as the best little marathon in the US by Runner's World. We felt that you welcomed us with open arms. We also thank the members of the East Valley Women of Color, a Phoenix-based internet networking group, for joining us at the events.
The marathon course offered spectacular views of the surrounding area. I didn't know whether to run or take photos. The aid station workers were very helpful and friendly. The Multi-Cultural Center was a great location for the Expo, pasta dinner, and post-race meeting. The staff was very helpful in setting up our booth and offering technical assistance for my presentation. I hope that the runners enjoyed learning about my international running adventures at the pasta dinner. I even sold out of my books. Many of our members said that they plan to return. The NBMA directors are Gillis Bowden, Tony Reed (Co-Founder) and Charlotte Simmons-Foster (Co-Founder).
Again, thanks for the wonderful support.

Tony Reed, CPA -Executive Director, National Black Marathoners' Association

My wife and I would both like to say THANK YOU! This was a fantastic race, beautiful and scenic, well organized, plenty of volunteers, and just a wonderful experience. We have participated in the PF Chang's RNR for the past 2 years and decided to try a smaller race. We heard lots of positive feedback from prior participants, so we decided to try the Lost Dutchman. We are both glad we made the choice, and we will both be back next year. Again, thank you and thank all the volunteers that helped out. We both tried to say thank you during the race, but we did not get to say it to everyone.

David and Angela Elting


I would just like to say a big thank you for such a great event. This was only my second 1/2 marathon and I loved every minute of it - hills and all!! All the volunteers, police officers and water station folks were excellent and helped me to keep going the whole way. My only question would be why do you not use chip timing? I managed to shave off 7 1/2 minutes from my time from the P.F. Chang's race and I put that down to the surroundings and route of the Lost Dutchman. Thanks again for a great event - will be signing up for next year for sure - who knows maybe I'll do the marathon!!

Claire Wiggins


Grady, I had a great race and a great experience! My 2nd marathon and first Lost Dutchman! You and your team did a great job! Thank you. God Bless You!

Jon Bloom - Phoenix, AZ


This was a great event and I believe part of it is because the organizers & volunteers were so responsive to their entrant's comments, suggestions, and needs. Thank you SO MUCH.

Deirdre Orcelletto - Phoenix, AZ


Thank you for asking for feedback on the race. I really enjoy the course and scenery with this race, and like the fact that it is small. Future improvement opportunities would be to find a way to make the food line move faster (have runners use both sides of the tables, maybe?), have enough t-shirts for everyone (I wanted a medium, got a large), and move to chip time. Thank you.



This marathon was my third and I had a wonderful time doing it! I hope to be able to travel back to Arizona and run it again someday. I think you all did an excellent job clearing the mud that fouled up Peralta Trail on Saturday. The race was organized very well and the aid stations were fantastic. The one station that sticks out in my mind was the last one prior to climbing Dutchman's Revenge. The volunteers there charged me up and I really appreciate the support they gave me. I even received a terrific hug from one of the ladies in purple; that was awesome! Thanks again and best wishes for another great race next year.

Mike Pruyne - Oak Harbor,WA


At the corner of US 60 and Kings Ranch Road, just as you turn and head up the never ending hill. We gave every volunteer a hug and thanked them for being there. Our bibs were #192 and #329, two females; we had a blue shirt and a red shirt on. They wished us a safe run and would see us next year. THEY WERE GREAT!!!!

Maryann and Alyona

I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks again for the entries and for a great race day. The weather was perfect. I would personally like to thank, if at all possible, the road crew that worked so hard to get the road useable to the start. Thanks again for a fun day. Take care and hope to be down again someday.

John Bozung/RD Squaw Peak 50 Mile Trail Run Orem, UT

Hi, although I was under the weather on race day, I loved the half marathon course and the views were fabulous. Was wondering, though, who was the crazy person who put in that hill "Lost Dutchman's Revenge". It's okay. The Red Hat Ladies at their water stop right there at the bottom of that hill really were the best and they get my vote.

Elizabeth Brown

Wow! I just found out about your little marathon, and it sounds great! I will be there next year for sure. Please let me know as soon as you have decided on the date, so we can book our airline tickets. Thanks.

Gail Johnstone Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Unfortunately, I cannot remember what mile but it was in the residential subdivision off the highway, a gentleman at an aid station had donut holes!! Oh my god thought I died and went to heaven! I can tell you that this station had bananas, if that helps; which by the way...PLEASE have bananas at most of the aid stations, they are a HUGE help.

Claudia J. Roedl


I took the time to thank some of the sponsors who sponsored you race Sunday. Without then it could not take place. I want to thank you and your friendly city for opening your arms to myself and wife and my teammates from Cleveland and rest of the National Black Marathoners Association. I really enjoyed myself, the race director was very nice and made me and my wife feel very welcome and when I retire I may even move to beautiful Arizona so I can run in your race every year. I came out from Cleveland, Ohio I run with Team Marathon. I'm so glad NMBA chose your race this year. The race was very well organized I wouldn't change anything. Maybe stay a little longer next if I did not move there. I also would like to say and never say it too much; great job. This was the best race that I ever ran in. I've been running since 1974. I will be back. I ran in the half marathon. Next time I will run the 10k. Your finishing medals are very beautiful just like winning an award for placing. Once again thanks for a wonderful race.

Vincent D. Walls. Cleveland, OH

I have a new favorite marathon, and that's because of your volunteers. You people are a class act! I usually choose courses for their scenic potential (since there's little point for a guy as slow as me to choose "flat and fast") so I'm used to small organizations with few resources. But you guys blow that model out of the water because of the enormous amount and quality of your volunteer support. No race has ever made me feel so "elite" as, while I sat on the carpet stretching, a friendly gentleman came to build up my personal campfire and wish me luck in the race. The friendly spirit carried me through the day, at every (numerous!) aid station. Even the police doing traffic control were friendly!

I've always tried never to repeat a marathon, but you guys may have permanently messed that up for me! Thank you!

Scott Whisler, Boulder Creek, CA


I ran the 8k; thought it was very well organized, fun, park music and activities fun. Very much appreciated to have awards given as you had results instead of having to wait for all events to be finished, as I wouldn't have been able to wait, and as a novice, it was very nice to get my award at the park. A great big thank you to everyone involved in any way! Hope to see you nest year.

Marilyn Reilly - Gunnison, CO


Thank you so much! The race was tons of fun, awesome course, beautiful scenery, great support and it goes on... Can't wait for next year!

Matt Emery - Silver City, NM


It seems everyone has a role and expert in their area. I would ask questions and get the answers that I am looking for. Every time I turned my head, someone would be there to assist runners. When I came to retrieve my bag, the volunteer boy saw me (and my bib number) and gave it to me before I came up to the rope and say anything.
This is my first marathon that is involved with the big hills and I thought it was tough on my legs but it turned out that I beat the tough course. There is no negative aspect of this race; none so whatever. I just love the idea of building the bonfires and place mats to keep runners warm prior to the start of the race. Good job!!

Robert Hallahan - Yuma, AZ

This is the second year in a row I've run the full marathon and find it to be a well-organized event with incredible volunteers. Packet pickup at Runner's Den on Friday is very convenient.

Monique Coady - Phoenix, AZ