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Lost Dutchman Marathon 2005

We think Lost Dutchman Marathon is a terrific event, but don't just take our word for it. Every year we get lots of positive feedback. See what runners from around the country have had to say about our race.

2005 Feedback

Bev, Thanks for the awesome race!  It might be a small marathon in numbers of runners, but not in organization and heart.  The Lost Dutchman was the best race I've ran and not only because I got a PR.  The campfires at the beginning were a great touch.  The scenery was amazing, almost enough to make you forget about all those rolling hills.  There were plenty of aid stations.  Of course the finish line is always the best part. Thanks again for an extremely well run and fun race. --Glen Strandvold

My wife and I stayed on the Gold Canyon Golf Resort, and had a great time. My training partner from Ohio also came out for the Lost Dutchman. Both of us had problems during training and were going to switch to the 1/2 marathon. However, for both of us, the attraction of the Lost Dutchman was the first 6 miles on the trail in the desert. So, we decided to run the beginning of the marathon. I ran the first 10 miles, and enjoyed every step. What a wonderful course. My friend did the first 15 miles, and met us back at our casita at the Golf Resort.  It was my first DNF, but I enjoyed it! Organization and volunteers were both great! If I were to change one thing, I would bus the Gold Canyon Resort runners out a little earlier. I arrived at the base camp on the bus, only 20 minutes prior to the start. It would have been nice to get there earlier to enjoy the fires and the sunrise. --Thanks, Joe Pieper

It was my first marathon, so I don't have much to compare things to.  The aid stations were solid though I did not much care for the taste of the ERD.  My favorite was the Marines at mile 18; small group, great hustlers.  My ChampionChip time was about 20 seconds slower than what I had on my watch & I started it before I crossed the mat & after at the end. . . ?  I had no problems following the course & only missed one mile marker (21 or 22).  It got too hot & I think times reflected that -- go for an earlier start next year?  It is a real drag that PF Chang's stole your weekend.  One of the big reasons we chose the LDM was the extra day for travel on MLK day

I ran the 2005 LDM.  It is a very enjoyable race.  Things I liked best: The small number of runners. The start area - especially the spectacular setting, the fires and the low-key atmosphere. The varied terrain and scenery along the course. Having bananas available on the course. My bib # 1! The very nice person at the Expo who convinced me I should run with a chip, which I usually don't. I finished 45 minutes faster than I expected to. Things I liked less: The sign just after the wall saying, "It's mostly downhill from here."  It wasn't. The bus ride on Peralta Trail Road.  The driver was a maniac. Thanks for a memorable and enjoyable run.  I'll be back next year.

I have run 3 out of 4 Dutchman's.   I am the one that named Dutchman's Revenge also. This is one fantastic marathon.    Sunday was no exception.  --Julie Branden

Hello. I had known for sometime now that the Rock n Roll marathon in Phoenix had scheduled their race for 2006 the same weekend as your Lost Dutchman. Please don't change the date. Let them figure it out. Please don't give in to corporate pressure. I plan to run your marathon in 2006.  --Jesus Jimenez

Thanks for a great time! This was my first marathon and everything was great! The packet pick-up and the shuttle buses went very well, the bon fire and start was equally great. The aid stations were perfect and the scenery was spectacular. I drooled every time I went by a house with a pool…looked so inviting! No doubt this is the marathon I will do every year! Thanks! --Garcia Manuel S MSgt 355 AMXS/CCR

My vote for the best spirit and best theme goes to the purple group at the base of the Dutchman's revenge. They were all out in their purple finery and renaissance knits. So the vote for the best theme was a no brainer. They also had the best spirit. I only ran the 1/2 marathon, but as far as I could see they were the best. Feedback. + A beautiful course, and near perfect weather. Police and road crews did a good job of keeping most everyone off the course. Good directions at the expo for out of towners. Great hotel. Expo is small but good people and vendors. A challenging hilly course, with just a little altitude thrown in.  Feedback - Start was a bit crowded with 1/2 and 10K at once. There were some vehicles that managed to get through on the dirt part of the course, which kicked up a lot of dust. For the sake of us old guys, course maps and directions need to be printed with larger font and more clarity. Results seemed a little slow. While the announcer did everything he could to keep people interested, we did have to check out of the hotel before noon, so could not wait for awards. I'm a little disappointed that no one made it clear that awards would not be mailed, but since it's on the website, I should have stopped by on my way out of town.  

Please let me know if there is any way for me to get my age group award mailed.

Alan Neil Marengo, IL

We came down from Colorado and ran the half marathon.  For such a "young" race, you do an excellent job.  The aid stations were plentiful; the volunteers were friendly and helpful.  We completely enjoyed the day, the scenery, and the rolling hills.  We highly recommend this race. --Laurie and Steve Phenix

"Love those ladies in RED at Station #23!!" Great race...really think R&R Marathon is doing this race a disservice. --Runner #7, Durward Fant

Congratulations on another excellent Lost Dutchman Marathon! I have run all four years so far, and due to the efforts of all race organizers and ALL volunteers the Lost Dutchman Marathon continues to be an excellent marathon experience and still my favorite - some say the best marathon in the state...or in many other states for that matter. As usual, everything was great - from the bus transportation, the start area, through the excellent volunteer aid stations (the crew at 16.5 wins for cutting AND peeling the bananas!) all the way to the finish location and the breakfast burros.  One element that seems to get overlooked and I would like to compliment is that I think the traffic control is excellent.  The various agencies that work together to ensure the safety of the runners are to be congratulated on a job very well done. They do such a good job solving a difficult problem that the athletes can be very confident in their own safety, which adds to the comfort of the event. Very well done indeed.  Now it appears that you all do such a good job with this marathon that RNR is trying to copy you - but they never will.  It's been said the sincerest form of flattery is imitation. See you next year! --John Litteer Tucson, AZ

Hi Bev ...  I thoroughly enjoyed the 4th ann. LDM - it was a great event - great scenery along the way.  All the aid stations were great - making it difficult to pick a favourite - however, my choice will be the Red Hatters at the base of “the wall' at mile 23!!  Everything about LDM4 was well done - clean facilities, great eats at the end.  One disappointment I do have though is that I was not able to wait around for the awards.  I came in 1st in the M65-69 div. and of course did not receive the award.  Would it be possible to pick it up in person?? Thanks. --Don Titus BIB #2021

Thanks for all the hard work dedication it took to put on a great Marathon!!  This was my FIRST ever, and I certainly chose a great way to start. The scenery was awesome, stupendous, and fantastic (but you know that).  Trouble is, I'm from Texas, and now I have no desire to run 26.2 through the cities of Dallas, Houston, San Antonio or Austin. Everything about your event was wonderful, but the Aid Station volunteers were the best!!  The Red Hat ladies and the Purple Hat ladies were super but I felt truly inspired to keep going at each and every aid station (and I'm sure some boredom was setting in by the time I finished).  I hope to make it back next year.
--S.P.  College Station TX

Fantastic race today!  Absolutely the best I have run.  This was my 7th in 6 months.  Keep up the good work and I will be back next year. Also, I wanted to say I thought ALL the volunteers on this race were the nicest people I have ever had at a marathon.  I have run 7 straight in the last 6 months and your volunteers were by far the best.  Their assistance led me to bettering my personal record by a whopping 15 minutes.  My last PR was 5 marathons ago.  I have to give those guys a large part of the credit.  It reminded me of my childhood to see grandparents waiting at each rest stop eagerly supporting the runners in which many of us live far from Apache Junction.  Hats off to your volunteers!

--Rick Korecki - Estero, FL 33928


 First time running Lost Dutchman... wow, Volunteers were awesome!!!...
Organization was perfect from my perspective...

--Gary Culver - Goodyear, AZ


Bev, We had such a delightful time. It was a PERFECT event.  Kudos to you and your staff for putting on such a great event. I'm most excited that my family has now taken up running.  We're all planning to do it again next year. Hiking up Siphon Draw is one of our favorite hikes...and now the Lost Dutchman, our favorite running event.  We'll have to work on additional cousins :)

--Pam Schweitzer

Hey Grady - Sorry I never got to meet you this weekend (my flights got delayed on Saturday), but I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your race!  Very well done!  Two of us from Grand Rapids came out to do it, and had a great time. I'll try to get a group to come out next year.  It was a great respite from the Michigan winter. Congrats on a great event.  I'll be back.

Oh - I'd vote for staggering weeks with RNR, even though I think they're jerks for scheduling over top of your race.  I ran RNR last year, and yours was WAY cooler! And the adventure continues....
--Don Kern 

I have done all 4 of the Lost Dutchman's.  It is a nice race.  Most everything is good--venue, water stops, food, medals. But, I won 1st in my age group.  I received my medal at 11:45; this for a race that started at 8:30. Awards have been delayed a long time at all of the Lost Dutchman's, but this year was the worst.  This makes me never want to do this event again. Maybe the problem is the chip-timing.  Maybe if you went back to the old tag-pulling method it would help.I think next year your numbers will be WAY down & it will not be because of the Rock And roll.  It will be because runners are sick of waiting 2-3 hours for an award.

--Karen Davis


Results problems do not detract from the fact that this is one of the best races in Arizona, it's a joy to participate in, and may well be one of the best small marathons in the country.  Timing aside, your event was absolutely flawless.   
I have heard rumors that you were discouraged with trying to promote your event and gain community support, faced with the competition from Elite Racing, and were thinking of calling it quits.  Having them try to take over your date next year was definitely a low blow.  BRAVO for not caving in and coming back next year on your traditional date!  During the race, I talked with many runners, some who had run last week and others who were unaware until registration of the conflict.  To a person, they all said they would be in Apache Junction next year.  I think you will find that those who have supported you in the past will continue to do so next year. I have written to Elite racing and P.F Chang to express my unhappiness with their date next year and will urge anyone I know to do the same.  Keep up the good fight and see you on Jan 15 next year! 

---Martin Michelson

A note of thanks for a great event. I was in Scottsdale last week on business and competed in the 1/2 marathon before flying back to very cold and snowy Ottawa, Canada. The course was awesome and the organization and volunteer support superb. Your race is a must do!

P.S. It is -20 Celsius (approx. 10 below F) with the wind-chill today (an 85 degree drop in temperature in 24 hours)

Thanks again.

--Ross McShane - Ottawa, Canada


When or where, do I find the posted results?  Also, why was my time posted on the large board, but not given to the man handing out awards?  I am 65 (Barbara Huff) and came in at something over 47 minutes for the 8K.  The same thing happened at the Turkey Trot where my age group was never posted and the award stage never got my groups results, (I won that too.  Both times the award person finally just took my word for the results) do the older age groups just not matter?


Though I live in AJ and have run 5 marathons in the past this was my first year to run the Dutchman and I can only say that it was outstanding!!! (and I've run San Diego and New York.)

*From the start transportation to the start line a 10.

*The camp fires, mats, hot coffee and very friendly support team a 10.

*The scenic course even for me a native, a 10.

*Water stops and every mile marked, 10+!!!

*The wall on the top of the hill, a needed 10.

*Snacks at the finish line (burro) 10+++

*The spirit of the volunteers and their themes, a 10+ and a fond memory that can't be rated!

I'll be back! every year. Thank you all for such an outstanding job, our little town race puts everyone else to shame.

Oh yes, long sleeve shirts another 10!  

-- Eugene Coogan, Apache Junction, AZ

My 15 year old daughter and I ran our first 1/2 marathon, and we decided to do it at the Lost Dutchman. We read the reviews at Active.com, and in Runners World and liked the idea of a smaller venue with a country setting (my parents live in Mesa, so I knew the scenery by Superstition Mountain is beautiful). What a wonderful race it was - we couldn't have been more pleased! Coming around the first bend and running right for Superstition as the sun was rising was so awesome! The course, with its rural setting on pavement and dirt roads, some flats and some hills, was great. The volunteers along the way were very encouraging and a welcome sight (especially the Purple Ladies by the Wall Hill). The brick wall on the hill at mile 10 was a great touch, too! Great organization, great t-shirt, great medals! It was an experience that we won't every forget - thanks!

-- Jeff Straka, Marietta, GA

Yesterday we participated in the Lost Dutchman 8K, as we have done for 3 years.  The convoluted course needs some fine tuning; the markers are not adequate, several of us got lost, we followed arrows albeit they must have been old ones from something else??? Each year we have done it folks get lost. We do enjoy the race, it is a nice scenic area and I enjoy the trail runs. Hopefully the other conflicting events will not keep you from still having it. The award ceremony needs to move along a little quicker, many of my friends had to leave and could not stay to receive their awards.  If these two things were corrected it would be up there at the top of my list. 

-- Roberta Parker

Congratulations on completing another successful Lost Dutchman.  I've just returned home to Aptos, California and wanted to let you know how much fun I had AGAIN!!!

I recognize how difficult and stressful putting on a race of this magnitude must be.  You and your volunteers really do an outstanding job.  Everyone I encountered could not do enough whether it was cheering, passing out water and goodies, driving the bus, or handling the sweat bags.

I'm sure as word spreads, so will your race's reputation as the best small town, runner friendly marathon in the nation.  I'm already planning on next year.

--Mark Friedman


Thanks so much!  It was both of our first 1/2 marathons and it was a great experience!
--Kate Cuddihee


You folks managed to put on yet another great event! This is, by far, my favorite race. Well, the scenery and weather help, but it's the people, who make this race special. I have run all but last years' race (unfortunately had to miss it), and I'll choose this race anytime over that "mass-transit" event that has invaded the valley recently. I hope to be there again next year. Good luck and see you in 2006.

P.S. All volunteers at the aid stations were great and it's a tough job to vote for any one group. I always enjoy the "Purple ladies", but this year I got a real kick out of the folks from the Renaissance festival group, who had one nobleman advertise "beer" as a refreshment. Sure sounded goooood after 12 miles!

--Bernd Linzbach, 1/2 marathon, #2256

I ran in the Lost Dutchman Marathon.  I want to say I think it is a fabulous race - well organized and a fantastic course.  Well done. I see from the results that I finished 3rd in my age group.  Unfortunately, I had to leave early to catch a plane back home.  Do you know if it will be possible to have my award mailed to my home? Thanks very much.

--Steve Tanner - Runner Number 268 - Russell, Ontario - Canada

Hard to choose between the folks in Renaissance gang (they all called me "m'lady") and the Red Hat Society. So, best spirit to the women with the red hats, and best theme for the Elizabethan.
Great time-next year I will run the full.
--Barbara Bixby


Let me sincerely congratulate yourself and all those many wonderful, supportive and dedicated volunteers who truly staged a memorable event on Sunday. I only ran in the 8K trail event, since I'd run in the R N' R 1/2 race the previous Sunday. I was impressed with having chalked mile markers on the course along with enthusiastic course guides at the appropriate places or turns. The wind was a challenge on the way out, but we all benefited from a great tail wind coming back home.

--Dave Weeks


Congratulations on another successful marathon.  We all had a great time and enjoyed the course.  Although I am not as sore as last week (I think the hills help change up my stride enough to make me not as sore), I am having an Achilles problem.  At track this morning I only got through warm up and then needed to walk the rest of the time.  Hopefully, ice and cross-training will get me back on track.

--Deb Hamberlin

I have been running for just over 4 years and in that time this has to have been one of the best run events ever.  I did the half marathon.  The course was great.  The volunteers were fantastic.  I'll be back next year.  Thank you so much for a great day!  --Robin Robbins

Bev - Once again, the Tucson contingency loved your event. Congratulations. From the uncontrollables - like weather and volunteer help to the organization, it was super! Personally, I really enjoyed the "friendly" feeling of your race. The aid stations were well staffed. The course I love with the change in terrain (up, down, dirt, pavement). Somehow we all agreed the variety is good. Loved the T shirts and as always, love those medals. I now have all 4. Please pass our congrats on to Grady too.


Thanks for putting on a great marathon!  I loved the course and the weather could not have been any better!  I recently checked the half marathon results and was quite surprised to see that I finished 2nd in my age group. Thanks again!

--Leslie Witting 


Great race, great venue, great food, great staff! You will see me again next year!

--Mark R. Walkosz

What a great time!  The race day was beautiful, the volunteers were super, the organization was outstanding, and I finished!

--Mike DeGhelder - Kansas City, MO