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The Lost Dutchman Marathon, Inc.

The Lost Dutchman Marathon, Inc. is a public charity run by an all-volunteer board of directors and officers with proceeds directed to local youth organizations focused on the economically disadvantaged.

Since the Lost Dutchman Marathon’s inception in 2002 we have donated over $778,000 to various local youth organizations.

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Lost Dutchman Marathon Mountainbrook Village Water Station in Gold Canyon Awaiting Runners
Lost Dutchman Marthon Apache Junction Non Profit of the Year 2016 plaque
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23th Annual Lost Dutchman Marathon

2024 will be the 23th Annual Lost Dutchman Marathon. The marathon, associated races and activities are held every President's Day weekend in Apache Junction, Arizona.

Run at the base of Superstition Mountain near the rumored site of the legendary Lost Dutchman Mine, this event is a favorite of serious marathoners and casual runners alike. The marathon follows a USATF-certified course and can be used as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon. 

The event features a pre-race campfire, and includes a 2 Mile Fun Run, 8K Trail Run, 10K and Half Marathon in addition to the marathon itself.

Feedback: “For anyone looking for beauty as well as a great, well-supported run, look no further than the Lost Dutchman.” Visit our photo gallery to see what past events looked like.

This charity event is supported by a strong group of sponsors and volunteers.

Lost Dutchman Marathon Board of Directors and Working Committee

The Lost Dutchman Marathon's Board of Directors consists of Kristie Falb (President), Jodi Erlich (Treasurer) and Sara Feraldi (Secretary), Rick Hardina, Bob Benjamin, Darch Oborne, and Heather Correll.

Lost Dutchman race committee

Left to right: Terry Barwick, Sarah Stone, Dennis Lusk, Sara Feraldi, Jamie Zacher, Rick Hardina, Melissa Drake, Chris Giles, Kristie Falb, Jodi Ehrlich, Gary Nine, Nancy Roskos, Tayna Loftis, Doug Coleman, Larry Wharton, Liz Langenbach, Melissa Hopkins, Bob Benjamin, Grady McEachern
Not pictured: Jeff Kopp, Suzanne Daniels, James Wasson, Rocc Wilson, Martin Loftus, and Darch Oborne


Lost Dutchman Marathon contact information is available on our contact page. Select the appropriate page for more information about running, volunteering, becoming a sponsor or becoming a vendor.

Legal Stuff

The Lost Dutchman Marathon is conducted under the governance of the Lost Dutchman Marathon, Inc., classified as a public charity under Code Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.