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Lost Dutchman Marathon 2002

We think Lost Dutchman Marathon is a terrific event, but don't just take our word for it. Every year we get lots of positive feedback. See what runners from around the country have had to say about our race.

2002 Feedback

I ran the Lost Dutchman Marathon last Sunday and truly enjoyed the whole experience. I surprised myself with the time I ran, considering my lack of training. I was interviewed by three newspapers, but did not get the names of them. I also left town that night & was not able to see if I had any "bits" in any of the local papers. Would you please send me any information (names, numbers, web pages, emails, etc) of any papers that may have written about the event? Thank you for your time.
Wesley W. Smith
Winner of the 2002 Lost Dutchman Marathon
P.S. See you next year.

I'm sitting here enjoying my accomplishment in the Inaugural Lost Dutchman Marathon. Thank you for that race. I would like to congratulate you and everyone who participated, sponsored, scheduled, planned, organized, helped, volunteered, encouraged, drove, controlled traffic, waited and served - on a job very well done! I'm sure this event will be well-spoken of in the local running community...GREAT selection for a starting location. I really enjoyed this event, and can't think of a single complaint. Just about everything was exactly as described on the web site and in the pre-race literature. The volunteer support was especially outstanding. Thanks again! And Great Job to everyone!!!
John Litteer
Tucson, AZ

At some point, I hope to write a more deliberate message (with more thought and organization). But I'll take this opportunity to congratulate you on a well run marathon and thank all involved. (Please forward to the appropriate race directors.) This was one of the best coordinated races I've participated in. The web site, response to questions, race markings, transportation before the race, aid stations, post-race support, etc. were all exemplary. Thank you. I appreciated the opportunity to be involved and will recommend future events to friends and other fellow runners.
Roger Johanson, Professor, Coe College
head coach, Mount Vernon-Lisbon High School Cross Country team Mount Vernon, Iowa

I wanted to let you know that I ran at the race this past weekend. I participated in the 8K run. The entire event was very impressive. I was impressed with the buses, the food and the course. Thanks for sponsoring a great event in the East Valley. Hope it was successful and will be offered again next year.
Ann Bickford

I just wanted to let you know I thought the race was really awesome. The scenic views of the Superstitions, and the rolling hills made this one of the best runs I've ever had. It was well organized and easy to get to. Can't wait till next year. I think I'll try the full Marathon next time. Thanks again....
Sincerely, Robert M O'Connor
Gilbert, AZ

The backdrop of the Superstition Mountains enhanced the desert scenery of the Lost Dutchman Marathon. After being bussed out to the starting line, the runners found little campfires in a cleared area to ward off the chilly (in the low forties) morning temperatures. About 250 marathoners were gathered when the race director introduced a few of the runners: Big Dave from England with 480 marathons under his belt; Lynn Edwards running at 78; Nishi Hajime who has run on seven continents in seven months; and a couple of birthday runners. The marathon started on a graded dirt road and switched back and forth between pavement and dirt several times over rolling hills (with a couple of larger exceptions) before the finish. The feel of the run was great. For a first-time marathon the logistics were fantastic: the busses were on schedule; the bag drop worked without a hitch; the crossings on the roads were protected by friendly lawmen or flagmen; the wooden pick-and-shovel mile markers added to novelty; there was plenty of water (though some of the cups could have been larger); the finisher's medal is a work of art and nicer volunteers couldn't be asked for. No gold on this trip but I'll pan again some other time!
From The LA Leggers Walking/Running Club

A few hours ago I returned home to Santa Fe, New Mexico after competing in your inaugural Lost Dutchman Marathon. I want to first thank you and the rest of your team for putting on a wonderful event. I'm sure it's not easy! The scenery was fantastic and I look forward to coming down with my daughter again next year to run in your event if you should decide to offer it again.
J.T. Alm

Great race, the organization was terrific, and the volunteers at the aid stations were enthusiastic, encouraging, and fabulous! Thanks.
Kaye Ferguson

Big congratulations on a great race this weekend -- the Lost Dutchman Marathon was first class! Please pass along my thanks to the entire team, the City of Apache Junction and the Sheriff (the gunshot start was pretty cool)!
Chris Harrison

You and your committee are to be commended for an excellent event. Everything was obviously well planned which is why the race was so enjoyable. From packet pickup to awards ceremony, the event was as well run as any race we've participated in. You guys thought of everything; even to having Peralta Rd graded and watered! Your volunteers along the course did a great job in helping us get through the race and a great job was done keeping us safe along busy Highway 60. The food was good at the pasta feed (too bad more people didn't partake of it). We made a point of having a pizza at the chef's pizza place the evening after the race. Keep up the good work. Thanks for a great race! Hopefully we'll see you at the 2nd Annual Lost Dutchman Marathon.
Pat & Norma Leonti

Just wanted you to know that we were very pleased with your marathon. We have been in many marathons and feel that yours was one of the better ones. We especially were impressed that you were able to accomplish this in your inaugural event.
Jerry & Kay Kaphing

We just returned from the race and wished to thank you and the sponsors for a wonderful time. The race went very well for your first and those awards were awesome. I am sure next year will be an even bigger event. We wish to give special thanks to those volunteers. They did a great job and were some of the most friendly and helpful people.
Tom and Mary Ellis

To whom this concerns, I just finished participating in the Lost Dutchman 1/2 marathon. I wanted to let you know that I loved the course and will definitely recommend it to friends who run.
Michael Williamson

Just wanted to let you know how great I thought the inaugural "Lost Dutchman Marathon" was today! Everyone did a great job, the course was beautiful, and all the support was wonderful. I hope this Marathon will continue. I will certainly tell others about it. Thanks!!
Jerry Carter

Congratulations on a well-run (no pun intended) race. The organization was faultless, and the course was one of the prettiest I've ever seen. And give a big pat on the back to the volunteers. No only were they efficient, they were also enthusiastic!
Duane Morse

From the winner of the 2000 New Mexico Marathon: The Lost Dutchman Marathon was a great race. We heard the positive cheering from the community as we ran by. Thanks for a great day. IT WAS A VERY ORGANIZED EVENT. THANK YOU FOR THAT. So many 'first time marathons' are not very organized. Yours was outstanding. The awards and finishing medals were outstanding. Again, thanks for a great event. I look forward to next year.
Paul Ruckel, 3:05:18, 6th place Lost Dutchman Marathon 2002.

The half marathon was very nice. I heard a lot of positive comments around the finish line. I hope that the marathon was as big a success. Besides the great course, I thought that the volunteers were the best I have seen in a long time. There were enough people everywhere that you needed them.
Randy Nelson

I'd like to commend everybody involved in putting on this race. It was well organized and the attitude of the volunteers was so cheerful and encouraging, even the police. I tried to thank all the volunteers as I went by, and one police officer even said he enjoyed it. Thanks again for an enjoyable race.
Beverly Schulz

Wanted to let you know it was a great race (although I disagree with the gently rolling hills course description). It was well executed, lots of support on the course, and one of the most beautiful courses to run. Will be back to run the half again next year.
Christine Humble - Scottsdale, AZ

Congratulations on a wonderful start to hopefully a long run of marathons in Apache Junction. I can't come up with anything you could do to improve it. The volunteers were numerous and cheery. There were mile markers at every mile. The bon fires made a nice difference. The aid stations were well stocked. And the finisher medal ... WOW! Everyone I show it to is most impressed! Thanks again for a very well produced event. Obviously, runners planned it.
Alan Locher - Lake Forest, CA

What a great race. This is definitely one of my top 5 races. For a first time event, I wouldn't change anything. From the small campfires at the start staging area to the finish line grub, it was a well-organized race. (The campfires were great. It added to the whole desert ambiance.
Thomas Popp #47 - Jeffersonville, Indiana

You guys did such a terrific job. Runners all along the way commented often how well everything was run and organized. All the little touches were noticed and appreciated. You impressed so many people; it's too bad more runners didn't sign up. Everyone was very friendly, and the staffers at the water stations (especially the seniors) were terrific. The junior ROTC kids did a great job, too. The finishers' medal was quite impressive, too. The emcee at the finish line also made a difference; she took the time to announce each and every finisher and adlibbed some to cheer the runners and the audience along. It was obvious that everyone had pride in each of their responsibilities given. The pre-race announcements were also noted and appreciated. I've run 14 marathons so far, and this has been the most-friendly, well-executed race to date. Your passion and attention to detail has not gone unnoticed.
Mark P. Gershman

Congratulations on your Inaugural Lost Dutchman marathon, half-marathon, etc. I will be back next year. The course was challenging and fun and the weather and the aid stations agreed. I loved the wall that was constructed around 20 miles and all those pseudo Burma shave signs near the end of the half and full marathon. That was too funny and we sure needed that laugh at that point in the race. That helped especially with my fellow liars at the beginning (I didn't train) and those well-meaning "almost there" people at mile 10:) I hope that you'll start the half-marathon an hour sooner next year. The main reason for this note is to thank all the many volunteers who helped get this off the ground. It was great from beginning to end and have told all my friends again to come out next January. Congratulations on such a WELL-ORGANIZED race.
Franceska Condo Drozdz

We wanted to share a few comments on the Lost Dutchman Marathon which my husband, Ray, and I completed. In a word -- OUTSTANDING. The setting, the mountains and desert, were superb; the organization was very good; the volunteers were supportive and friendly. The finish line situation was great and at times inspirational; especially for the later finishers. Your staff was really involved and made us feel special. We have completed many marathons and yours is near the top. We wish you the best of luck in the future, and we appreciate the opportunity to participate in your marathon.
Gail and Ray McCaslin

Just wanted to tell you that I ran the half marathon Sunday and you are to be congratulated on putting on a GREAT race! I wish I had enough miles at this point to have done the full marathon because the course and the medals looked wonderful. I belong to several running clubs in the Mpls/St Paul, Minnesota area, and I will let everyone know that this should be a "must do" on their winter get away race calendar. Congratulations again on a job well done.
Cherie Baker

Great marathon! (My third). Well run, great folks, great course.
Sue Kirt

I wished I would have taken my camera!! The Sunrise on the Superstition Mountains was very spectacular! What a great marathon and the honor of running the very first one is also special. The medal is heavy and very colorful. I echo the comments on 'best/prettiest' medal. It rivals the Portland, OR Marathon medal. The only complaint would be the water before the power drink at the aid stations. But that will be fixed for next year. It was amazing to see runners from all over including Japan and England for the inaugural running. Lots of enthusiastic runners. Good transportation to the start line. Enjoyed the first 6 miles of 'dirt' road. The race director told us at the start, that the locals were very happy with us, because the county graded the road and it was in it's best condition ever! Very smooth bus ride up to the start. The Superstitions were 'within sight' for most of the race. The finish line was set up so that the finisher pictures would have the Superstition Mountains behind the runner. That should make a great finishers picture. Missed having my name announced at the finish. I would highly recommend this marathon to every one. This was my Arizona Marathon for the 50 States and 50 States + DC checkoff list.” ultrabill@msn.com from Portland, Oregon USA

Now that Arizona is starting to offer choices to runners for a Marathon, I would rank this Marathon as #1. It is hard to believe this was the first year, since the organization was fantastic. I enjoyed the scenery of the Superstition Mountains, the rolling hill terrain, and the variety of the course with both dirt and paved roads. I will be there for next year.
Deb H. (chomes2@qwest.net) from Tempe, Arizona

I have been running for less than 2 years but the inaugural Lost Dutchman Marathon was my 5th. This was my first trip to Arizona. I drove the course the day before the race. The course is very scenic and running through a cactus forest was just beautiful in the early morning hours. All dirt roads were graded and sprinkled and cones were laid out throughout the course, runners were well protected from traffic. The course was well marked, aid stations were plentiful and the moral support was top notch from all volunteers and spectators along the way. Yes there are some hills between miles 20 and 24, including the 'unnamed hill' at mile 23, but this type of challenge is what marathoning is all about. I encourage anyone looking for a great winter getaway to put this one on their calendar for next year. The finisher medal is the most beautiful and unique one in my collection. I have read everyone else comments and they sum it all up. I will be back next year.
Julie Branden from Illinois

Gorgeous desert scenery throughout the course. Course partly on gravel and partly on asphalt roads with some rolling hills, mostly in the second half. Flawless organization by people who obviously love what they do. Pavement markings and volunteers provided clear directions throughout the course. Plenty of water and Ultima stations were available along the course and plenty of food was there at the finish. Buses from the parking area to the start and from the finish back to the parking operated very efficiently with minimal waiting. The finishers medal is one of the most beautiful I have seen in my 30 events. Champion Chip timing which is unusual for a marathon of that small size was provided and the full event results were on line the evening of the marathon. Lack of crowd support was not missed at all in the middle of the desert. You go to such a place to see the wonders of nature and not for the big crowds. It was an exhilarating experience. Glad I went.
A runner from Illinois

Thank you Apache Junction for a top notch event! Obvious pride and thought was evident in every aspect of and throughout the entire event. Gorgeous scenery, fabulous volunteers -- from bus drivers to water stations, terrific finish line - from spectators to commentator, and a generous and nice awards ceremony. Oh - and the medallion, awesome! If one was to dig deep for a suggestion for improvement -- it might be to move the awards ceremony closer to the finish line. THAT's how great this inaugural race was -- very impressive. I'm so glad I chose Apache Junction Marathon for my AZ marathon.
A runner from San Diego, CA

I was very pleased with the race. It was well organized, great course, and fun to participate in. Thanks,
Patrick Dolan
Chandler AZ

I was late getting in and didn't make the Expo. This was my only disappointment. The busses to the start ran on time and there were plenty of them. We were bussed to the top of a mountain trail where we were treated to small bonfires to keep us warm while we waited for the start. There was a bus for loading our belongings available. The first 5-6 miles of the marathon was down the trail which was a little rocky but mostly hard packed. Some of the race was on a heavily traveled road but cones were placed so that runners had an entire lane plus the paved shoulder. There were cones along most of the route which really helped slower runners stay on the course! There were more hills than I had anticipated - and an especially challenging hill around mile 22. The water stops were well maintained and a terrific group of kids (the young marines) called times for us at nearly every mile marker! The t-shirt wasn't anything special but the medallion was one of the prettiest I have collected. Personally, I loved this race - the beauty and commitment of the race staff - and would recommend it to my fellow runners. Crowd support was minimal but I'll take peace and beauty over that any day!
Shelly Kaufmann (sbkau@aol.com) from Snellville, Georgia

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know my thoughts on your race. As you know I ran the half. I was amazed at how well organized the event was. I was really expecting some major issues. How you pulled it off in the first year is really amazing. I don't have any complaints. The course was challenging, but fun. The course was beautiful. I enjoyed running on the dirt road as opposed to cement. It was especially nice that most of the course was closed to traffic. The water stops were well staffed. And, the 'water-people' were doing a great job cheering the runners on. All I have are positive memories. I will be back next year. If I can get up the motivation I might run the marathon next year. Thanks for putting on such a great race.
Ric Emery

The Lost Dutchman Marathon occurred on January 20th, 2002 for its Inaugural Running, and everything from the event organization to the post-race festivities was a triumph. The course was an extremely challenging, yet spectacularly beautiful course. The organization of the race was nearly perfect for an event in its first year. The spectators and aid stations were well-placed and extremely helpful during the course of the race. The Lost Dutchman course was perhaps the most scenic and beautiful course any runner could run during their lifetime. After a 35 minute bus ride to the Peralta Trailhead, marathoners were left at the start line in a large circular area with the beautiful superstition mountains in the immediate background. The course winds through the Trailhead back to the 60, visits the new communities around King's Ranch Road, Gold Canyon resorts, and along Lost Dutchman. Hills are frequent in the second half, and particularly nasty from miles 18 to 23. Runners will feel every muscle and strand in their bodies over the last few miles, with the race finishing in Prospector Park, down a 1/10 mile stretch to the finish line. Race organization was nearly flawless. Course organizers packed and cleared the dirt trail sections of the course, while the barricading company and the Apache Junction Police regulated traffic flow during the event. Aid stations and port-a-potties were every two miles along the race. Post-race festivities and awards flowed well, although marathon finishers probably needed more food choices than chips, bananas, bagels, and cookies. Spectators along the course were very supportive. The Superstition Springs community was very prevalent and supportive at aid stations, and randomly located around the course. The young marines were exemplary, announcing mile times to each competitor at the mile splits, as well as working at several aid stations. The Renaissance Festival had a troupe of its characters there, hollering and coaxing along the tired marathoners halfway through the course, and near the finish gate. All things considered, this was the best 'smaller marathon' event I have ever done, or will likely ever do. The event should be brought back for next year, and hopefully turnout will increase for next year.
A runner from Phoenix, AZ

I have put Boston, Chicago, and NYC marathons on hold for the second year in a row. The reason for putting these big city marathons on hold is because I was positively overwhelmed by the "down home" feel of the LDM. I have begun my training for the LDM and anxiously await the unique gun blast (you gonna have that again?) to start the 2003 race, thanks for a great 2002 Inaugural Race! I know 2003 will be even better. Thanks to all of the LDM organizers and volunteers, you have created a great event!
Steve Rink, 4th place 2002