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Recreational Vehicle Parks and Resorts

The parks shown below are provided as a convenience to entrants. There is no connection between the parks and the Lost Dutchman Marathon, Inc. The quality of the accommodations has not been pre-screened.

Camping, shower facilities and hiking at the Lost Dutchman State Park

Campsites are available near Prospector Park and the Rodeo Grounds at Lost Dutchman State Park. Overnight camping is available for $15.00 per night. Showers are available for FREE with your camping permit.

If you only want to go for a hike or if you want to take a shower after the race, the day entrance fee is $7.00. For maps and other information visit their website.

Local Attractions

Looking for something to do before or after the race? There are some beautiful golf courses and unique adventures awaiting around Gold canyon and Apache Junction. Don't forget to visit Tortilla Flat and get that one-of-a kind postcard to send home.

The short video below highlights a few of our favorites, scroll down for a list of those mentioned and more.

Below are many of the attractions around Apache Junction including world class golf courses, national parks, recreation and restaurants.

  Apache Sun Golf Club
919 E. Pima Rd.
Queen Creek, AZ 85242
Phone Number: 480-987-9065
Apache Sun Golf Club is located just 9 minutes south of Superstition Freeway. Yamaha gas carts. Cater to leagues.
  Apache Trail Tours
 3 1/2 miles north of Apache Junction on Hwy. 88
 Phone Number: 480-982-7661
 Hours of Operation: Daily from 10am-5pm
 Jeep tours through the desert. Other vacation packages available.
  Apache Creek Golf Course
3401 S. Ironwood
Phone Number: 480-982-2677
Hours of Operation: Daily
Full 18 hole golf course. Lounge, grill, and pro-shop.
  Mountain Brook Golf Course
5783 South Mountain Brook Dr.
Gold Canyon, AZ 85219
Phone Number: 480-671-1000
Hours of Operation: Open daily.
27 hole golf course backing up to the Superstition Mountains. Lounge, grill, and pro-shop.
  OK Corral Stables & Horseback Riding
Located 2 miles up Hwy. 88 (Apache Trail), turn left at Tomahawk Rd. for 2 miles
5470 E. Apache Trail Apache Junction, AZ 85119
Phone Number: 480-982-4040
  Ghost Town, Mine Tours & Train Rides
4650 N. Mammoth Mine Rd.
Goldfield, AZ 85119
Phone Number: 480-983-0333
Hours of Operation: Open 7 days a week 10am-5pm
  Arizona Renaissance Festival
East of Gold Canyon Resort (Apache Junction on Hwy. 60/89)
12601 E. US Highway 60
Gold Canyon AZ 85118
Phone Number: 520-463-2600
Hours of Operation: 8 weekend festival in February and March
  Superstition Mountain/Lost Dutchman Museum
4 miles NE of Apache Junction on Apache Trail
4087 N. Apache Trail
Highway 88
Apache Junction, Arizona 85119
Phone Number: 480-983-4888
Hour of Operation: Open 7 days a week except Christmas
from 10am-4pm
  Canyon Lake Marina
Phone Number: 480-288-9233
  Tortilla Flat Arizona
18 miles northeast of Apache Junction on Hwy. 88
1 Main Street
Tortilla Flat, AZ 85190
Phone Number: 480-984-1776 Fax: 602-984-1776
  Apache Lake Marina & Resort
Phone Number: 928-467-2511
  Boyce Thompson Southwestern Arboretum
30 miles east of Apache Junction on Hwy. 60
Phone Number: 520-689-2811
Hours of Operation: 8-5 daily except Christmas
  Don Donnelly's D-Spur Ranch & Riding Stables
30 miles east of Apache Junction on Hwy. 60
Phone Number: 602-810-7029
Hours of Operation: 8-5 daily except Christmas
  Gold Canyon Resort, Golf Club & Restaurant
6100 S. Kings Ranch Rd.
Gold Canyon, AZ 85219
Phone Number: 480-982-9090 or 1-800-624-6445
  Barleen Family Country Music Dinner Theatre
2275 E. Old West Hwy.
Phone Number: 480-982-7991
Hours of Operation: Nov-Apr
  Golf Club at Johnson Ranch
433 West Bella Vista Rd.
Queen Creek, AZ 85424
Phone Number: 480-987-9800

Legend of the Lost Dutchman

Note to runners: this video portrays the beauty of the lofty Superstition Mountain area. While the Lost Dutchman Marathon runs along the foot of the Superstitions, it is NOT A MOUNTAIN RACE.

The Superstition Mountains (their name inspired by Pima Indian legends) have been a source of mystery and legend since early times. The area is dotted with ancient cliff dwellings and caves, many showing signs of former habitation. It is not certain who these people were; some believe they were Salado or Hohokam Indians who populated this part of Arizona several centuries ago. Later, Pimas and "Apaches" (some of whom may have been Yavapais) occupied parts of the region. However, the name "Apache" came to be closely associated with the Superstitions, and the mountains became an Apache stronghold in the 1800s.

During the 1840s the Peralta family of northern Mexico supposedly developed rich gold mine(s) in the Superstitions. Their last expedition to carry gold back to Mexico occurred in 1848. According to legend, the large party was ambushed by Apaches, and all were killed except for one or two Peralta family members who escaped into Mexico. This area is known today as the Massacre Grounds.

A number of other people were supposed to have known the mine's location or even to have worked it. Numerous maps have surfaced over the years, only to become lost or misplaced when interested parties pressed for facts. Men who claimed to have found the Peralta mine were unable to return to it or some disaster occurred before they could file a claim, all adding to the lore of a "lost mine."

In the 1870s Jacob Waltz, "the Dutchman" (actually a native of Germany), was said to have located the mine through the aid of a Peralta descendant. Waltz and his partner, Jacob Weiser worked the mine and allegedly hid one or more caches of gold in the Superstitions. Most stories place the gold in the vicinity of Weaver's Needle, a well known landmark. Weiser was killed by Apaches, or according to some, by Waltz himself.

In failing health, Jacob Waltz moved to Phoenix and died some twenty years later in 1891. He supposedly described the mine's location to Julia Thomas, a neighbor who took care of him prior to his death. Neither she nor dozens of other seekers in the years that followed were able to find the "Lost Dutchman's Mine." Subsequent searchers have sometimes met with foul play or even death, contributing to the superstition and legend that surround these mountains.

Many versions of the "Lost Dutchman Mine" story exist, and several books and films have been done on the subject.

Courtesy azstateparks.com

Video produced by Kaet-TV 8 / PBS

Lost Dutchman Marathon: "Run for the Gold"