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Lost Dutchman Marathon 2009

We think Lost Dutchman Marathon is a terrific event, but don't just take our word for it. Every year we get lots of positive feedback. See what runners from around the country have had to say about our race.

2009 Feedback

I based my whole vacation to AZ from England around taking part in the Lost Dutchman Half Marathon after hearing how good it was.  I can vouch for that now and I had a fantastic time among all you friendly guys.  What a fantastic course and I was pleased with my time of just under two hours - possibly hindered or helped because I stopped many times along the way to take some photos of the wonderful setting.  Was I the furthest travelled to take part?  Hopefully I will get a chance to return sometime and take part again - perhaps getting a PB without the camera! Cheers from Durham, UK

Ian Henry - Durham, UK

I was planning my vacation to Apache Junction and decided to make it revolve around your race.  I'm from Canada and have never raced in the US before.  As it turned out, the weather the perfect and so was the course.  Running east into the mountain was an absolutely beautiful start.  What a great course and race.  The fact that the 15th was my birthday and I ran a PR made it all the better.  Hope to see you again soon.  Thanks for the fun!

Carolin - Canada

This was my 6th overall marathon and 1st time running the Lost Dutchman. This was by far my most enjoyable marathon! It was a truly unique and wonderful experience. The course was absolutely beautiful and the volunteers were fantastic.  This race is extremely well-put together and I totally recommend it to any runner considering this race.  Thanks for a great race- I'll definitely be out there next year!

Beth Hamilton - Scottsdale, AZ

The 2009 Lost Dutchman Marathon was truly special.  The weather was perfect and the volunteers were great.  With fewer runners than other marathons, the aid stations were completely accessible. That helped me stay hydrated and in control of my race. I loved the view of the mountains. My brother and I ran the marathon and we both smashed our PRs. (John by 15 minutes and his brother Reid by 13 minutes) I will cherish my experience there forever. Can't wait to see our picture with Teton and the donkey! Apache Junction has a lot to be proud of.  Thanks for a great time,

John Hansen - Oceanside, CA

Hi. I absolutely LOVE the Lost Dutchman races. Last year I did the 10k and this year I stepped it up to the half and got a PR! The event is very well run, the aid stations are ALL terrific and I love that I get to run through the wall! The only little nitpicky thing I can say is that I would really like it if you guys could do a shirt that was a color instead of white. I've got LOADS of white shirts, but only a few in colors and those are always my favorites. I hope to be back next year, running at least the 10k. Next time, Ill skip the entirely overrated RNRAZ and go straight to the LD! Thanks for running such a cool event in such a beautiful location!!

Suzanne Kirk -Glendale AZ

Wow!  What a wonderful run!!!  This is the best Marathon I have ever done!  I love the beauty and fun challenge of the hills.  The course kept me busy mentally to get through the race because every two miles was at different elevations.  My strategy had to change.  I loved everything about it and I am going to send the message out to my Ragnar relay teams, family and friends.  I will be back next year for 2010 and carry a camera.  The Dutchman Revenge was so funny that another runner and I just laughed the whole way up that 12% incline to the wall. I love the metal.  It's perfect in size and weight.  I could wear it without straining by neck or back! I vote for the aid station at mile 16 with the dancing volunteers!  She was great and all the volunteers' smiled and cheered! Thank you for a wonderful event! 

Tracy Hulson

Thank you to all who helped organize this event.  We registered online in Australia, picked up our package the day before in Apache Junction and travelled on a bus to and from the start and finish lines before and after the marathon. It could not have been easier or more well organized.  It was a fantastic event and one of the great memories from our trip to the USA!

This was the second time I ran your HM and it was a blast. I ended up registering the morning of the race and it could not have gone smoother. I think it took me all of 3 minutes. The volunteers at that desk were helpful and friendly. I loved getting my picture taken with "The Dutchman". He was there before the race, so again no waiting. All the volunteers at the water stations were friendly and helpful. The one time I had GU20, it wasn't mixed properly. No taste, just the color. But, I loved that there were plenty of stations. I could even skip a few. The shuttles worked great and the parking was easy.

I considered doing the AZ marathon over in the west valley this year. But, in the end I decided yours is well run, beautiful scenery and closer to home. I'm glad I ran it for the second time. I look forward to doing the full; maybe next year. I wrote a race report on my blog and will probably do a post about the quality of the race sometime this week. www.patsrunning.blogspot.com.

Pat Monahan - Chandler, AZ

Just want to say how much I enjoyed the Lost Dutchman Marathon. The volunteers are really great. It seemed like the entire town was involved in the race to support the runners. The camp fires at the start were a nice touch and someone came by every few minutes to add a little more fuel to keep them burning strong. The weather conditions were nice and cool, perfect for a long run. The course is real scenic, particularly the first 7 miles. This was the first time I finished a Marathon in less than four hours, other than on a perfectly flat course. Also, the breakfast burritos at the finish line festival were really good and added to the home town feel of the race. Thank you to all of the organizers and volunteers for a great event. Regards,

Brian Oulman - Riverside, CA

First of all I wanted to tell you this race was so exceptionally well organized and well run. I moved from San Diego and have only done 2 other races in Arizona which had no problems at all but this was over the top the best.  Thank you for a wonderful race. I will look for your races in the future.

Lisa Harris - Chandler, AZ

Since I live in Buckeye, previous years I have hesitated to make the 68 mile drive to the Lost Dutchman events. Well, I made the drive this year and it was well worth it! Thanks for putting on a fantastic event. The aid stations were outstanding, course great, and volunteers very helpful all day. Thank You,

Cory Davidson - Buckeye, AZ

Thanks for a really great race experience.  I ran the half marathon and the support was amazing.  There was lots of water and sports drinks, free gel and even awesome food afterwards.  There were several port a potties on the course.  Great job!  Loved the kids out helping- Great volunteers!

Lisa Frick - Gilbert, AZ

Just to let you know, the race is run and organized very well.  I have volunteered for the last several years at the race/prerace events and get many great comments from the runners.  Thank you for everyone's hard work!

Sharon Merrill - Apache Junction, AZ

Any runner who desires to do a Western marathon must do the Lost Dutchman. There is the breath taking start area with warming camp fires, the beginning of sunrise with the saguaro cactus profiles to the east, the sun slowly starting its display on the huge vertical cliffs and even the first six miles on winding Peralta's dirt is magical. Then there is the course itself with rolling minor hills and the nicest volunteers anywhere to greet and serve you and they are there till the very last runner has passed the station. The race officials are the very best worthy of your praise and thanks. The finish area has fine snacks and ever burritos for you. The finisher's medals are the best I have ever received in 50 plus marathons with even moving parts. Runners World said this was one of the ten best little marathons. They are wrong; this is the best small marathon.

Mel Schultz - Sun Lakes, AZ

Thanks for another great race.  (Note: Romano set a new masters record this year)

Romano Scaturro - Cornville, AZ

Thanks for another great event!!!! It was very well organized and what a perfect day for running. Thanks again for a fun event.

Dale Gehr - Scottsdale, AZ

My first Lost Dutchman, my first 10k.  Had such a great time!  It's nice to have clear mile markers and lots of potties.  Runners don't ask for much!  Rockin' medals, loved my 10K run.

Tracy Wiedeman - Gilbert, AZ

You have a great event, organization, volunteers and race. The race events had a great turnout, and it doesn't look like LDM was terribly affected by the inaugural marathon/half in Glendale.  I sure hope next year they choose a different date.  I talked with you briefly about this at the P. F. Chang Expo and agree that two major marathons just cannot be held on the same day within miles of each other.  It's not fair to either event or the organizers who work so hard to have premier events.  I loved that LDM was again cited in Runner's World magazine a couple of months ago for upcoming February races.  Great press! Thanks again.

Mary Roberts - Phoenix, AZ

This was my 8th marathon and the first time running the full Lost Dutchman - did the half last year. You guys did an amazing job!! The course is challenging and beautiful. The support crews were great! And, of course, the campfires, carpet mats, and Smokey the Bear at the start were a treat! Well done!

Wendy Wentz - Phoenix, AZ

Thanks to all the organizers for a great race! I really enjoyed it.

Ron Kim - Valencia, CA

Thank you for another great race, you have a wonderful group of volunteers!!!  We are talking about doing the half marathon next year; it is so much fun to have the 1/2s run past the 10K group. My aid station vote is again the little kids, they are SOOOOO cute!! Thanks again for a well organized event, and please pass my gratitude to your volunteers, without them we wouldn't be able to run! Best,

Heather Fetter - Mesa, AZ

Hey there, first off...What an amazing day, what an amazing time. I had a wonderful day and WILL be back next year. Please know my time was overwhelmingly wonderful, and I can't wait to come back next year. Also, Aid stations were all great; the folks at mile 7 when we came off Peralta Rd onto the US 60 were awesome and really got me excited for my stretch along the highway. GREAT JOB TO ALL!!!!

Casey O'Connor - Queen Creek, AZ

Awesome Event! Many thanks for the race organizers and volunteers for putting on an outstanding event!  I was so impressed by the level of support from the volunteers who offered us drinks and fuel and overwhelming support at every mile. I hope this
race doesn't grow too big it is just the right size! Chip timing would have been preferred, but I'm so happy with my finish time that it didn't make much of a difference anyway.  Thanks!  See you next year!

Allison Jackson - Phoenix, AZ

(Note: The Lost Dutchman Marathon is going to chips timing 2010)

You guys did a great job, from coordinating parking, shuttles to the start, starting area, and aid stations. The community support was great.

Steve Laven - Scottsdale, AZ

I participated in the Lost Dutchman Marathon on Feb 15th. The event was a blast, and all the volunteers were extremely helpful; especially the girls who were handing out the bags at the bag retrieval point. I look forward to running again next year. Thanks!

Erik Johnson - Phoenix, AZ

So much fun!! The half marathon was great!  I do not like big crowds, like P.F. Chang's in January, so the Lost Dutchman is perfect. I did the 8K two years ago for my first race ever, so the half this year was great to celebrate two years of racing! The volunteers were extremely friendly and the course is beautiful!!  Can't wait until next year!  Oh, and the best aid stations were the Girl Scouts and A.J. Prospectors football teams!  Fun people!

Katherine English - Mesa, AZ

This was my 21st marathon and by far one of the most enjoyable. There is nothing like a small home town marathon. The course was well thought out and the logistics were just perfect. Congratulations to your entire team. The one thing I will remember most about this marathon is those little potato and egg burritos at the finish. I was starving when I crossed the finish line and those were hearty, warm and just what I needed.  I ate 3 of them!  Great finishers medal too.  It was a super event.

Keith Marsicola - Gilbert, AZ

Thanks again for putting on another great Lost Dutchman Arizona Marathon.  Fourth one for me and it gets better every year.  I'll be back for a fifth, can't wait until Valentine's Day 2010! Thanks again,

Chad Getchell - Las Vegas, NV

Aid station volunteers were great, particularly the lovely lady who patched up my hand at station 8 or 9.  She really helped despite the fact that her hands were very cold. Thanks also to the people who arranged for the fires and warming liquids at the start.

David Benke - Littleton, CO

You guys did it again!  You put on an awesome event.  See you next year.

Sheila Reed - Phoenix, AZ

I just wanted to vote for the aid station at 32nd Ave and Mountain View for best aid station.  They had a lot of spirit, but the thing that differentiated them for me was the helpful gentleman who even opened my GU packet for me when he saw I was struggling with it.  Plus it was right after mile 16, which is always a time when I need a mental boost.

Dotty Maddock - Phoenix, AZ

This was the first time that I ran the Lost Dutchman and overall, I'd have to say that it was an outstanding race and very well put together.  The first 5 miles of the course are great as you run out of the valley--very scenic.  I'm not a fan of repeating marathons just so I can experience new runs each year, but this race was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the pre-race campfires and hanging with Smokey the Bear.  The small race feel is also great.  I know that overall you have to make money, or at least break even on the race for it to be successful and continue, but should this race gain in popularity I'd recommend setting a limit on personnel who could enter in order to keep that small race feel.  Just wouldn't be the same if there were a couple thousand people there.

The volunteers throughout the race were also great. I enjoyed their enthusiasm, which inspired me, and their willingness to come out and support.  Overall, the team at Mile 16.5 aid station was the best.  Every person at that station had encouraging words to pass as I ran by and all were more than happy to be there helping out. Thanks again for the great race. 

Gary Alexander - Yuma, AZ

This was a great event and we will be back next year.

Adam Fuller - Bisbee, AZ

I ran the 10K yesterday in Apache Junction, had a great time with all my running kids and drove back to Tucson.  We all had a great time and plan on doing it next year.

Sue Baker - Tucson, AZ

First of all, I love your race when I ran it 2 years ago.  This year when I decided to come back for the half, my sister-in-law signed up for the 10k and another sister-in-law and 3 members of her family signed up for the 2 mile walk so it was a family affair.  You can't beat the scenery of this course, just as beautiful as I remember it.  You guys have the best finisher photo setup.  I absolutely love the Lost Dutchman; his set has gotten very nice this year. I do like the smaller race and that you allow my family member to pick up packet for me as I was traveling in that day from Las Vegas.  That was very helpful as some bigger races do not allow that.  Love your medal, coming back next year for the spinner. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you,

Huichi Olson - Las Vegas, NV

We LOVE this race! THANK YOU for an absolutely FANTASTIC race! One of us had run this in 2005; Jocelyn, when she lived in AZ. When we saw this race coincided with a business/vacation we had planned for this year, we were excited to register because it has always been a favorite and you did not disappoint!! Everything went smoothly, which almost never seems to happen anymore, no matter what the size of the race. The parking was easy, registration smooth and fast, results and awards were very timely, food was great, volunteers AWESOME, never more than a 5 min wait for a bathroom almost unheard of! A fun finish line, things ran on time and there was a race distance for everyone - WOW. We will be back as often as possible and will continue to tell others about what an absolute GEM this race is. You set the standard that all races should aspire to! Thanks again.

Jocelyn Cascio 1/2 and Jim Renner 8K - Haverhill, MA

A Gem of a Race! The Lost Dutchman was my 25th marathon. I must proclaim that Dutchman is my favorite marathon! Top notch ratings in every area. Organization, scenic, volunteers, support, t-shirts, start and finish area food and organization was all 10 out of 10!! The hills were difficult, however, with the beautiful scenery and wonderful volunteers, the pain did not seem as bad! I can't wait to come back again. The Dutchman will be added as a new annual marathon!!

Colleen Slickj - Redlands, CA

It was a great race. My second time and I definitely recommend it to others. It is a challenging route, but the first 5 miles are as beautiful as any course I've run. Well organized and great volunteers. Thanks.

Paul Yourick - Albuquerque, NM

Our family has been coming to the LDM marathon for several years now. We usually have between 15-20 in our group all ages and many traveling from out of state. Most people come to run/walk the 8K trail and the others either the 1/2 or full marathon. Every year, we have such a great time starting with pre-race events the day before. Although I always enjoyed the people at the aid stations, it seems like this year there were a lot more youth - and they were fantastic! The kids from Apache Junction High School were amazing. They went out of their way to be supportive, encouraging and helpful. The scouts were really energetic and enthusiastic, too. I can't say enough wonderful things about the youth in this community. The LDM is organized, the people are friendly, the weather is great and this year was no exception. Well be back again next year!

Pam Schweitzer - Queen Creek, AZ

Aid stations were all great, but the kids from the HS football team were on top of their game; my favorite. Thank you!

Ed Mears - Chandler, AZ

AWESOME! Thank you so much for the most professional and organized race that I have ever been to. I ran the 8k and was so impressed that I can hardly wait for next year. Everyone associated with this run should feel proud and honored for their great job! Congratulations!

Good race as always, great support, volunteers, beautiful course. Thanks for a good day!

Jan Howard - Phoenix, AZ

Great course, great competition and a very well run event. I look forward to running it again next year.

Steven Kent - North Bend, WA

Great Race; this is the 2nd time I have run the 1/2 marathon and I love this race. It is organized well, enough water stations, GU and food after the race. The volunteers are friendly and there are plenty of them. I recommend this race to everyone. Thank you!!

Robin Hudson - Phoenix, AZ

Amazing! Thank you so much for a wonderful race. The beautiful start with individual fires that was so impressive and enough port-a-johns for all. Smooth transitions from one part of the course to the other. Great volunteers to cheer us along the way, everything was very well done.

Steven Doneski - Phoenix, AZ

I loved this 1/2 Marathon!!!! I did my 1st 1/2 Marathon in January PF Chang's and really enjoyed it, but the Lost Dutchman was even better! I love the hometown feel; from the local football players handing out water to the greeters at the finish line. What a great day! Oh, and I don't want to forget to mention how nice the finisher medals are either...WOW!!!! I will be back next year for sure!

Julie Moore - Queen Creek, AZ

I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the time and effort that was put into making LD Marathon such a wonderful experience. This was my first marathon and I couldn't imagine having a better experience. It looks like my friends and I will run it again next year. That is if we can get our wives to agree to let us run on V-Day.

Brian Lopez - Albuquerque, NM

Thanks for a great weekend of running. This was our first time to visit or run in Apache Junction and we had a wonderful time. We had heard from running friends in Phoenix that this was a nice race, and they were certainly correct! Everything was just about perfect - great organization with parking and shuttles, wonderful volunteers, great weather and nice scenery.

I had run the PF Chang Marathon in Phoenix last month, so I decided maybe I would be up for a half marathon at your event. I surprised myself and was able to run a PR by more than 10 minutes. I actually thought the course was pretty tough with quite a few hills, so I was expecting maybe I would not be able to maintain my pace, but as it turns out, I felt pretty darn good by the end. I think maybe the marathon training combined with almost perfect weather conditions really helped me out. I did try to speed up on the downhill sections, so maybe that compensated for the slower uphills. I brought my wife and son as well - my wife walked the 2 mile event and my son ran the 8k trail run. They both enjoyed their events very much. Overall it was a great race. The organization was perfect and I loved the post race breakfast burritos. I am strongly considering trying the marathon next year - the photos of the campfires and desert look too appealing to miss.

Bill Orman -Tuba City, AZ

8K trail -I enjoyed the course, the event was well organized and I plan to come again next year. It is an excellent event.

Maria Ferguson - Bixby, OK

Great Race -I ran the Marathon this past weekend and I wanted to drop you a note thanking you for such a well organized event. The organization and volunteers are great missed the purple vested ladies this year before Dutchman's Revenge.

Andy Krebs - Chandler, AZ

Thank you! I had an incredible time last weekend. What a beautiful course. So unique; it was the best of all worlds with the support and organization of a big city marathon and the personalized touches, individual attention, and room to move of a small race. I'm so glad it was a good year for the event and hope that others get to take advantage of this great course for many years to come. The best aid station was the one with the cheering Girl Scout troop maybe around mile 21 or so? It made me smile at a point when I was pretty miserable, so for that I vote for them as the best aid station. Many thanks to all the great volunteers out there though.

Rachel Cambray - Nashville, TN

Everyone was very nice and helpful throughout including aid stations and good markers. However, I thought I was running a trail marathon and was not mentally ready for running on the highway although the neighborhoods were ok. Nice touch with the fires and thanks for letting me train on hills up AND down. Congrats.

Thomas Neidenbach - Glen Ellyn, IL

Another FABULOUS, well organized Lost Dutchman's race event - you all should be very proud of all your hard work paying off. My husband and I have run the 8k for several years now, and make it a point to come from NJ just for this race - love it and we always hit the pasta party too! We won't be back your way until next year's race!!

Michelle Murray -Westhampton, NJ

Thanks for another great race! I have run this race because it is at a convenient time and for me in my Boston Marathon training and with relatives a few miles from the course it is a great location, but I keep coming back because I enjoy the course and because it is an enjoyable event. Even though I offer feedback I want to make sure that you know that I enjoy this race and this course. I also think you do a great job of the food at the end of the course. The breakfast burritos with salsa, fruit, chips, etc. are something I look forward to and they are always well stocked and you have volunteers that are cheerful and helpful. This is a race I will continue to do each year so I offer feedback to potentially make a great race better! Please keep up the good work and I think your interest in feedback is a testament to good race organizers who are open to being even better. A good standard for all to follow! Best regards,

Shawn Husband - Savage, MN

This was my first marathon. I had heard how beautiful the course was, but could nothing could have prepared me for what I witnessed in person. Jokingly before this race I was telling people this was my 1st and last marathon. I was wrong!! I will be back to do it again. Could not have been happier:

Andy Nelson - Queen Creek, AZ

Liz, I was the Ham radio operator out at Aid Station 13 and will have to say that the AJHS Football team did an outstanding job out there.  They were a great group to work with and work around.  And I will have to say that you were a big help and was a pleasure working with both you and the group out at the aid station.  I will be doing it again next year because this year was a blast.  Thanks Liz!!!!

We had a fabulous time. Our "Team Haugland" is pictured left and all together, we covered 111.6 miles on Sunday. "Haugland" is the family name of Karen Poppe and Essy Moser. Their father, Nels Haugland, immigrated from Norway as a young man and instilled very strong family values in his children thus we try to get together whenever possible. This weekend several of our family united in Arizona over the marathon weekend. Not everyone participated but those of us who did enjoyed a great sense of togetherness and accomplishment.

Our team ranged in age from 4 months to 70 years and came from Alaska, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming and Arizona. Four of us walked the 1/2 marathon last year while we were gathered for a family celebration and vowed to do it again this year with a bigger family team. We did it! Our 15-year-old had just finished a basketball tournament. We weren't certain he (Drew Bond) would be able to join us but he and his mother (Kate Miraglia) ran the 1/2 marathon! I would love for you to get his impression. He is the nicest young man you could ever meet! My 21-year-old daughter (Kayse Duncan) walked 2 miles carrying her baby (Ryann Duncan) while her husband (Nick Duncan) walked/ran the 1/2. This was his first marathon and quite different from hiking in Alaska, hunting bear or enjoying the sights. My other daughter (Katie Smart, 24) rowed crew for Creighton in college and flew from Nebraska where she is a teacher just for the day. This was her first marathon and she really enjoyed it.

Kim Smart - Nebraska

As the sun rose above the Sonoran Desert and the mesquite fires dwindled down to ashes the day couldn't have gotten any better. This is my 2nd LD Marathon and I will be back next year. My vote for best aid station was the one at Kings Ranch Road and U.S 60, they all gave me a hug and remembered me from last year. While my husband waited for me to finish, the Burrito Lady came by and gave him one, so he's voting for her. Thanks to EVERYONE!! Job well done!

Maryann & Steve Leenstra - Tempe, AZ

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making this race a great race. I ran it last year and there were a LOT of improvements made to it. I appreciate all the hard work you guys put into it. The hills are still a little tough, but that is what makes it FUN! Everyone should remember to take a picture with the donkey afterwards. I forgot to do that last year. Thanks again Grady, for making this race GREAT! Keep up the good work! See you in 2010!!!

Dawn Granata - Queen Creek, AZ

This was my first ever race and first ever Marathon. I was a little intimidated by the course reputation but the beautiful scenery blew me away and helped me to stay motivated down the stretch. Everything about the whole experience was amazing. Hopefully I will see you next year!

Kirk Heatwole - Golden, CO

Thank you for an extremely well organized event. I'd heard great things about the LDM but you still exceeded my expectations. The Peralta trail start is truly memorable and unique as are the medals. As a 200+ pound runner I appreciate the LDM recognizing us Clydesdale-types with our own category.

Mark Streed - Eagan, MN

Everything was well done. Big thanks to all the volunteers. Did the 1/2 this year, may try the full marathon next year. The sun coming up over the mountains was absolutely gorgeous. The finisher's medals are beautiful. Just a small nit-pick: the race shirts were cotton, not tech shirts. Great race, though. I'll be back.


Andrew Boyd - Wheaton, IL

First Marathon! I just wanted to congratulate everyone who helped put together such a great race. It was my first Marathon and I'm glad that I chose the Lost Dutchman! As the sun came up on the Superstitions in the first 6 miles, I felt truly on top of the world. All of the volunteers were cheerful and I even danced a little bit of polka with one of them! Thank you so much and I will display my medal proudly!

Tyler Glembo - Chandler. AZ

My wife and I loved the 8K and plan to put it on our “Do it again” List. Organization was excellent and support volunteers were friendly and helpful.

John Trimble - Globe, AZ

This was the best organized race I have been to. Everything seemed to run smoothly right from the beginning till the end. I am looking forward to doing this race again next year.

Lisa -Mesa, AZ

Thanks again for a wonderful race event - it gets better every year. I was disappointed that the Red Hatters were not at the base of the WALL to greet and inspire the runners on to a strong finish. This was my 6th run in the LD 1/2 and the event is one of my favorites. I hope to see you again next year. Cheers,

Don Titus - Salmon Arm, BC

Thank you so much for a wonderful marathon. You put on a great event, very organized with the best ever volunteers. I can see why this marathon has been voted "one of the best small marathons" in the country. It was run so smoothly that the only suggestion I might make is to see if you can flatten a few of those steep hills The Bible does say we can move mountains if we have enough faith! Just kidding, it was a great marathon. Thanks to you the director, staff and all the volunteers. Sincerely,

Joyce Hightower - Fort Worth, TX

This was my 11th marathon and the 1st time I ran the full marathon at this event. This was by far the best run marathon I have ever attended. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I cannot think of one item to criticize. This event was EXCELLENT. I can think of absolutely nothing to tell you to do to make it better next year. From the bus drivers to the people at the aid stations to the after race refreshments, it was excellent. GREAT JOB and THANK YOU!

Tom Guise- Apache Junction, AZ

I got many good comments about Lost Dutchman Marathon before. I expected a good experience from Arizona first time. It was much better than we truly thought. My wife Moon and I enjoyed the race and course so much. Superstition Mountain is beautiful. More beautiful in this race was race organizer and volunteers who worked so hard and were friendly at site. Thanks to all of Arizonan's to be nice to Asian New Jersey couple. I really want to come back to run again, but I will see if I can. Thanks again.

Yoon Lee - Old Tappan, NJ

I wanted to let you know that I thought the 2009 LD marathon was GREAT.  This was my 9th marathon, and I can truly say that I was not disappointed.  The volunteers were not only friendly and knowledgeable, they appeared to care. I have run the LD Half-marathon the last couple of years and decided to run the full this year. . . Impressive!  What a well run, well organized, memorable event.  Kudo's to you

Vance Krebs - Bismarck, ND

This was my 8th marathon to date, and I feel confident in saying that it has been my favorite one yet. Scenery was outstanding, course support was fantastic, Action Sports Images did a wonderful job and I was thrilled at seeing how many nice photos there were of me taken, and if all that is not enough, I was able to set a new Personal Record on this course. The first half of the marathon was as fast a half marathon as I have ever run and the second half was not too grueling, although Dutchman's Revenge was a bit daunting! I will definitely return to run this one again and highly recommend it to all, including fellow Southern Californians looking for a nice Valentines Day weekend getaway.

Raymond Morales - Pasadena, CA

This is my second year running this marathon. This is definitely a ten out of ten!!!!!!!!! From the prettiest desert course, to the great volunteers and even the nice neighbors along the course. I definitely like the lower number of runners. Also the quality of runners. I am so glad I found this race, and hope to be back for many years!!! Thanks to all of you for a great race!!

Lee Moll - Mesa, AZ

Overall, this was a fantastic race.  It has a beautiful course and great organization.  I have two areas that I think could be improved on.  The first is that in the latter stages of the marathon, I found myself dodging lots of the slower half-marathoners.  Many of them were walking 3-and-4 across, with no consideration for the marathoners who were trying to navigate past them.  In one instance, there was no way to pass and when I called out they didn't move.  I basically had to barge between two of them.  The starting times or routes may need to be adjusted to avoid this situation, which definitely slowed me down.  The only other area is relatively minor.  I'd like to see the post-race food and refreshments closer to the finish line.  I had trouble finding them.  Not good since I was in severe need of some fluids and food.  All that said, I would definitely recommend this race to a friend.  Keep up the great work.  What a great race!  

Brian Murray -  Sackets Harbor, NY