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Lost Dutchman Marathon 2004

We think Lost Dutchman Marathon is a terrific event, but don't just take our word for it. Every year we get lots of positive feedback. See what runners from around the country have had to say about our race.

2004 Feedback


I would like to make some comments about the Third Annual LDM...first of all you have again exceeded expectations as this race matures into one of the most beautiful and well respected run events in the valley and state.  Your presence after the race is sincerely infectious and it is very obvious that all of you have a personal stake in this awesome venue.  I am glad to have struggled through the marathon after running rock n roll last week...the reason I decided to run LDM is because there is no comparison to LDM and the "big" events...LDM outclasses the masses...your niche in keeping the marathon to less than 500 runners is intelligent and you will be rewarded for this! Thanks again for an outstanding event!
--Steve Rink (3:03, 2002), (3:01, 2003), (3:12, 2004)

I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for an excellent marathon experience.  Being from the Midwest, my friends and I chose your race as a "destination" race and we were very happy with our selection!  I especially enjoyed the warming fires at the marathon starting line and the beautiful scenery along the course.  Thanks for everything, hope to see you again next year!
--Heather Gilbertson - winner of the women's marathon



I just got back to arctic Iowa from our marathon/vacation in Arizona.
What can I say about the Third Annual Lost Dutchman Marathon?  You took a great race, made a few minor tweaks, and produced a phenomenally successful and well organized event.  After participating in the last two Lost Dutchman's, I can honestly say that this is my favorite marathon, bar none!  God willing, I'll make this an annual event. Everything from registration, transportation and post race festivities was flawless.  I was pleased to see that so many people stayed around for the awards ceremony.  I suppose good food and perfect weather had something to do with it, but nobody seemed to be in a hurry to leave. Some people thought the Rock N Roll marathon would kill the Lost Dutchman.  These people obviously did not realize that many runners prefer beautiful mountains and desert scenery over city streets and urban sprawl.  Clean air, friendly volunteers and a great group of runners is what I'll always remember about the Lost Dutchman. Thank you for putting on such a memorable event! Best Wishes,

--Bill Diesslin Ames, Iowa



  Thank you for organizing such a memorable marathon.  My family and I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the race.  My wife and sons especially liked the ease with which they could go from place to place to cheer and give everyone high fives, which is often difficult at larger races in cities.  We also enjoyed the pre-race pasta party very much and after the race were able to do some of our own lost Dutchman exploring.  we haven't found the gold yet, but there's always next year...  the finish and awards were handled very well, although it would have been best to have had water closer to the line, or at least a big sign directing you to it.  I trained for the race conservatively to get back into shape after an injury and did as well as I expected.  Next year I hope to return and do better.  I'll definitely train harder, though, the hills were more formidable than I expected.  If I have to choose among all the great aid station volunteers, I think I'd vote for the Marine Corps kids.  The marching songs they were playing really picked me up.  Thanks again for a great event. 

--Carl Helstrom, Cranbury, NJ


This race was the most well organized race I've run.  The water stops, start and finish, and the after race food and prizes were great.  I especially liked the medal given to the first 100 finishers of which I was one.  I will do it again.

--Neal Brown Buffalo, NY


A fantastic event!   Thank you for a great running experience. Organizers and volunteers of the Lost Dutchman marathon have an event to be proud of.  Well done everyone!
Best Regards,
--Bob Cater, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada


I loved your event.  You did a wonderful job, and the feel of the community was warm and very special.  I would love to come back next year, now that I can describe the event when I give my talks.  You did a fantastic job.  Your attention to detail, follow-thru, and genuine concern for people and the event was superb.

--Jeff Galloway


Just a short note to thank you for a great marathon. Everything was fantastic; course, water stops, expo, weather and post race party. In New Orleans we have red beans and rice and draft beer after a race, maybe y'all could try that some time? Thanks again for the offer of the shower after the race. I hope my picture with the mule comes out! Thanks Again,
--Will Hohenschutz


Thank you and all of the wonderful volunteers for hosting a great marathon!  Everything was very well organized.  I enjoyed the historian speaking at the carbo load dinner.  The volunteers on Sunday made everything go well.  You can tell you worked hard to plan this.  The people at the water stops were very spirited and very encouraging (the volunteers at mile 13 were my favorite).  I appreciated the campfires at the start, the efficiency and friendly spirit of the people who helped with the clothing drop bags, took the timing chip off at the end, handed out the finisher's medal, and handed out the cold water at the end.  Also, it was great to have the massage.  The medal is terrific!  It was nice to hear my name and hometown being called out as I crossed the finish line.  This is a special touch that you were able to add to make this an even more memorable experience. You thought of everything to make this a great experience. 
Thank you.
--Gary Fulton


Kudos! Wow, what a weekend. I love the desert! I will start with a suggestion for next year, although it sounds like a small thing, I would recommend paper cups at the aid stations, rather than Styrofoam or plastic. Paper cups fold more easily and are easier to drink from on the run. That's all the criticism I have. (Jeff Galloway is a nice guy. Nice touch getting him.) The pasta dinner and local historian and pix were great. Gold Canyon folks were very hospitable and friendly.  You've got a good thing going partnering with them. Hope you can continue that relationship. What a course. What a cool time. Starting area at Don's camp was perfect. You guys did a great job hosting the races and making runners feel at home and welcome. I hope to make it back next year. I was tickled with my 2nd place age group finish and the cool plaque. The food was great at finish area as was the whole finish area setup. (I love breakfast burritos). Bus shuttles were fine, with very friendly drivers. Another nice touch is having pickup at the host hotel. An interesting part of my weekend was a little tumble I took just after coming off Peralta Trail onto Highway 60. I tripped at about the 8 mile mark. I had a few cuts and bruises and ribs hurt, but I didn't think much about that, when I fell. I was more concerned with my lip bleeding. It stopped bleeding after a few minutes.  That night, though, they (ribs) hurt like hell. I suspected maybe I had cracked them. I was right. I went to my doctor today who diagnosed me with having two broken ribs. So, I had run 18 miles with a couple broken ribs. Who said runners aren't tough?
Well done. I hope you are proud of the job you and your team did. One of the best marathons out of the 42 that I have done. Best wishes,
--Charlie Ross Lansing, MI


I'd like to thank you and the rest of the race organization team for a wonderful marathon experience. This was my first trip to the desert southwest - the landscape is beautiful; and the marathon here was an experience of a lifetime. Thank you again,

--John Dudas Lander, Wyoming marathon runner #131


Hi! This is coming from BEST WESTERN GOLD CANYON. One of our marathon guests checked out this morning and relayed that he's been in 45 marathons, and
the Lost Dutchman Marathon is one of the best run in the country.  Everything was covered; water and refreshment stations were well-handled.  People were super friendly.  He said his marathons have taken him all across the USA.  "Just thought you should know"

--Pinki Front Desk


Wendy & Grady,
Thank you Wendy and Grady so very much for your kind help during my birthday run at the Lost Dutchman Marathon.  After you spent most of the day with all the runners in the Lost Dutchman Marathon, you went far out of your way to help me with my second run of the course.  Grady calmed me down by walking with me for several miles into the darkness along Superstition Mountain Drive.  That was after two hungry coyotes passed in front of us.  Wendy helped with needed food and water.  About mile 18, most of my energy was gone and it was well into the night.  At mile 23, my cardiovascular system was running in overload mode.  My heart was beating fast and my breath was shallow.  I really appreciate you staying with me and bringing me back to my hotel.  I could not have done it without your help!  Genevieve was also a big help by bringing me back to the start for my second run and checking on me. I made it back to Kentucky alright but did miss my flight out of Atlanta and waited only a few extra hours. I have a little more soreness than after the Mobile marathon three weeks ago and that is surprising. Take care and hope to see you sometime in the future.  If you ever get to Kentucky, let me know and I will show you around.  I'll write up the marathon in a local newsletter and get other people interested in the Lost Dutchman Marathon. Sincerely yours,
--Dan Wells Double marathoner


Just a short note to say your race was outstanding.   The water stop people did a fantastic job.   They each deserve very large medals.  Hope to return next year.
--Vern Lange, Indianapolis, IN


I just returned from Apache Junction, an 800 mile drive, and immediately went online to thank you for working so hard to produce such a wonderful marathon.  I've run over 70 marathons and would rank your event at the very top.  The volunteers were marvelously involved and supportive; not just going through the motions as is often the case.  I was very impressed with all the aid stations but would have to rank the purple ladies first, followed closely by the young marines and the renaissance group with the wonderful costumes.  Actually all the volunteers and spectators were extremely supportive especially when one considers how the event must have impacted the whole community.  If I can talk the family into another long drive, I'll be back next year.  Thanks again for producing such a first class event. 
--Mark Friedman (Aptos, CA)



You'll definitely see some race comments on the Wyvern site.  I'll send you a link when I get it done.  That was an amazingly well organized race.  I heard the starting gun, looked at my watch, and was not a bit surprised to see 8:30 on the nose!  (Although I wouldn't have called it flat, I think that part is all relative).  It was a lovely course.  The scenery was stunning; the people on the course taking care of us were fantastic!  There was PLENTY of aid, right down to the port-a-jons.  I have to hand it to you, that was an amazing job and you couldn't have done it any better!    We're hoping to try the trail race next year; I'm thinking it must be incredible scenery!  I had left my camera in Oregon, so I had to depend on a disposable.  When I get the pictures back, the whole shebang will on the Wyvern site.

--Christina Adams


I Just wanted to say "thanks" for putting on a genuinely fun running event.  My wife had a good time volunteering at race on Sunday.  She was lucky enough to hand-out medals to the Marathon Runners, including me!  I especially liked the water station groups including the Purple Ladies group at the bottom of the hill of Mile 3 (1/2 Marathon) and the Renaissance group Mile 1 of the Half.  Both my brother and I ran the Marathon.    I'm glad I forewent the Rock n' Roll AZ Marathon for the LDM Half.  It was well worth the wait. I recently moved down from Portland, OR and plan on making this an annual winter race event!
--Anthony Gloria



I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of your team, and especially the volunteer's for their hard work and smiles, to make the marathon (my 463rd marathon/ultra since Sep '93) truly an" Arizonan Experience.” It delivers what it promises; smiles of volunteers, Magnificent views of Superstition Mountains, and Sonoran Desert, unlike the Zip codes of AZ course views from last week. Sure, I did run that too, but this will be one of favorite marathons to recommend to other runners everywhere in the coming year, especially for the first timers.  
--Paul Piplani


Just wanted to let you know I did the marathon with very little training and only finished 1 minute slower than last year. Once again, of the 49 different marathons I have run, Lost Dutchman is the best. I have already made my Gold Canyon reservation for next year. All the water stops were great but if I have to vote I liked the respect of the Marine youngsters. I looked forward to the music at the top of Dutchman's Revenge and was not disappointed. The shirt is great, but I ran the 26.2 for the medal. The next nicest medal isn't even close. Transportation to the start is painless. I did hear someone on the bus say you were disappointed with the marathon turnout. Don't be. What makes a race great is not the number of runners. The volunteers, the amenities, and a little help from the Arizona scenery and weather, mixed with the legend of the Lost Dutchman make this a great race. Thanks again, and see you next year. -
-Bill Bonetz

I had a fantastic day! You put on a great marathon. It was so much fun.  I'll always remember the sight of the warming fires, mountains, moon and empty port-a-potty lines in the morning! I met so many nice marathoners from all over: Vermont, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, and Toronto!  I enjoyed every step - even the painful ones that last few miles.  My sister was actually able to fly out from LA to join me. Thank you for putting on such a well-run marathon! 

--Ronnel Curry



The Lost Dutchman Marathon is a great event. The course is tough, the scenery is beautiful, the volunteers are great and the event runs smoothly. I've done the half-marathon twice, and it seems your staff is getting it better each time. I also like the smaller size next to certain other huge events on the other side of the Valley. Thanks for the great event, and I'll see you next year. Best Regards,
--Justin Schmid


I just wanted to personally thank you for an incredible marathon. The course is spectacular, the organization some of the best I have ever seen and the volunteers were incredible. It is always a pleasure to run such a great race. Hopefully it will stay small which is certainly one of its charms. I will be back next year. Thanks again and please convey my thanks and gratitude to all that worked on putting together a very memorable race. Sincerely,
--Randy Gimblett



I just wanted you to know that I had a great time at the Lost Dutchman Race.
It was very well organized and a great course. Thanks for putting on such
a good race. I entered the 10K but hope to do the 1/2 marathon next year.
I am the Health and Fitness Director at the Mesa YMCA and perhaps next year,
could help with marketing the event to YMCA members. Thanks again,
--Jan Hertzfeld


I ran the 2-mile this morning and I was so impressed!!  What a great location, great support and even good burritos!!!  Next year, it's the half marathon for me, for sure, barring any unforeseen injuries.  What a great event!!  My husband underestimated my finishing time and was walking back from the rodeo grounds when I crossed the line.....figures......
--Debbie Francois


Just a quick note to let you know I arrived home safely, and to thank you for what you did. It was a good race. I will never forget in my running time, everything was ok and the people of AZ are wonderful.  Thanks again and talk to you later.
--Wilson Gatiha - 2004 Lost Dutchman Marathon Champion


Our thanks to the spirit and the attitudes of the many volunteers!!! They made a difference to our family. They contributed greatly to an outstanding event...thanks, Super Job!!!
--Bill Birch and family


What a great race day and what a wonderful event you put on!! Our family made a day of it - 3 of us ran the half, and 1 ran the 2-mile fun run. The half marathon course was beautiful and interesting! The small rolling hills and slight grades added without being overly difficult. The water stations and porta-potties were done perfectly...no waiting,
plenty of spirit, excited people.  There was music via loudspeakers at about mile 2.5-3 that was well done....good tunes, sounded good, not too loud...actually was very nice.
Quite a few homeowners came out and cheered us on! The other runners were supportive and friendly! The scenery was great. The weather at the start was perfect.  It warmed up a bit later, perfect for standing around and talking, gathering some food and relaxing. The goodies were a real treat!  breakfast burros, bagels, yogurt, granola, oranges, bananas, cookies, water, energy drink, energy bars....etc.  what a feast!! This was first class. The goodie bags were pretty nice too and I love the long sleeve T-shirts! These are a big hit in my household! The race was well organized and was run right on schedule.  Everything went very well! Parking worked really well for us ... and none of us had to stand in a potty line - ever! We had the opportunity to spend more than a few minutes with Jeff Galloway - who turned out to be as much of a treat in person as his books lend you to believe. He was sincere, not the least bit condescending (we are not fast runners by any stretch), and gracious. The opportunity to meet him was wonderful! Nice awards ceremony ... chairs and tables too!! My daughter was able to win a 2nd place plaque that was rather nice!! This is one of the best running events I have attended - ever.   Well done! Thanks from our family,
--Bill Birch

You did it again; another successful race. Please read my comments on the www.marathonguide.com. Best wishes for continued successes.
--Mark Gershman Scottsdale mpgershman@aol.com


Congratulations on your successful events today. I was extremely impressed with how well everything was organized and how smoothly it was executed. The registration was very smooth, the long sleeve shirts and goodie bags were nice, the courses were well marked, the events went off on time and the awards ceremony was good and the prizes were plentiful. The medals were a nice touch too. All in all a good job done by the entire crew. Thanks for producing a well done event.
--Wayne Balmer


I was in town at a business conference and was trying to find a good place for a long run in Phoenix when the Dutchman website popped up.  My fellow business traveler (a beginning runner and had never run a road race) and me decided to give your race a try, and boy are we glad we did!!  He had a great first race experience (8K'er Scott Leach from Maine) and I really enjoyed the half marathon (Mike Cote from Connecticut).  Beautiful scenery and a great group of runners and volunteers!!  Puts eastern races to shame!  I hope I'll get to do it again sometime soon.  Maybe enough advance planning to hit the marathon.  Looks like a really great marathon course. Thanks for the efforts of everyone involved.  I can't wait to show my friends and family back east my beautiful finisher's medal and tell them about the race.
--Mike Cote


Thank you for the wonderful marathon.  The only way I could have enjoyed it more is if I had finished with a better time.  So, I'll train better and try next year! Thanks again.
--Sarah Cline


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the volunteers for the great marathon from top to bottom.  I loved the sun rising with different colors spreading over the superstition mountains, the variety of cacti, the safety from traffic along the course, the cheering of the brave early risers, the ladies in purple and others that gave us great cheering along with water and a sports drink, the terrific information on the website that prepared me well for the event, the entertainment at the start area, the friendliness of the folks helping with clothes drop off and pickup, the end of race amenities, and anything I may have left off the list.  I have only good words to tell others about this race.
--Yours, Haim Strasbourger


Great race, marvelous program, The second water stop was stupendous / my first choice. Thanks to all - forget the Rock and Roll next year, just do the Lost Dutchman half-marathon, and enjoy yourself without the bus, finish line debacle, parking problems.

--M. Lee Hodges. (10 K in 2004).


Thanks for a great event!

--Chris Siems


We just returned home from running your race. As a veteran of more than 120 marathons, I can tell you that you have a great race. The route is very scenic, your volunteers were great and the organization was superb. My wife Kathy, son Alec and I ran together as a family and had a terrific time. Thank you.

Thanks again for a wonderful race. I just love the course and the beautiful superstition mountains. I really appreciate the time that you and all the volunteers spend to make it such a fun time for everyone. The aid stations just get better every year; it is so hard to pick the best one. My favorites are the red, white and blue group, I think at mile 9 or is it 14? (just before going onto the highway), the purple ladies before Lost Dutchman's Revenge and the people burning in the sun dressed in renaissance clothing at mile 25. I guess if I have to pick one, I'm going to pick the purple ladies. They are so much fun. I really enjoyed the little military people around mile 17, race lab, and all the volunteers that had to wake up early to be out at the first few aid stations on the marathon course. Thanks so much!! After directing Across the Years this year I have a new appreciation for the work involved with organizing and putting on an event. It's so much
easier to run! Thank you very much,
--Laura Nagy


My family and I have just walked in from our ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS marathon vacation getaway in beautiful Arizona.  We can't express enough just how perfect everything was.  You and your crew are to be commended for a truly world-class event.  We wish you a fruitful and happy New Year,
The Fugate Family


Thank you for another "great" marathon.  Everything seemed to go very smoothly; from the bus transportation to the finish line.  As a marathon volunteer and runner I appreciate when it all comes together without a hitch.  No suggestions for improvement are needed for the Lost Dutchman Marathon.  See you next year.
Robert Perez #43 Marathon Runner