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Lost Dutchman Marathon 2003

We think Lost Dutchman Marathon is a terrific event, but don't just take our word for it. Every year we get lots of positive feedback. See what runners from around the country have had to say about our race.

2003 Feedback

Bev: Thank You!!
I hope you got more sleep last night. You deserve some serious rest after all the work at the Lost Dutchman. It was a SUPER "small" marathon....my favorite kind (with the exception of the hills!). I heard many many great comments about the organization, support, water-stops, scenery etc. Kudos to you, Grady, and the whole team who pulled it off. I met a lady from Georgia who read the reviews on the Internet and decided to do it this year. I also met a couple from Las Vegas (who could have done the LVM, but decided this was prettier...) who LOVED the 5-mile course. They ran that course the day before the marathon and said they would come back next year just to race that one. (The lady ran in the half, and the guy did the full.) I did not hear 1 negative thing. I met quite a few "returning" marathoners along the way too.
Lam, Cecilia

Hey Bev, HUGE Congratulations to you!!! You struck Gold
Did anyone ever tell you, you put on one HECKUVA great event! Seems every detail went off without a hitch yesterday. It was so cool to see ya zip by on the 1/2 course too. Nat (?) was great at announcing too. What a sweetie to announce a race walker coming in.

Great Job again on a wonderful marathon. I heard a lot of comments on how well the event was organized. Congratulations again on a very successful event.
Deb Hamberlin

From a race director, SAR Board member in Tucson, and runner let me say you put on a first class event. I thoroughly enjoyed everything from the venue, the course, the aid stations, the Expo, the awards and I know you didn't have much control, but the weather too. You had a very professional touch with the awards you gave the overall winners. Those framed pictures with bib number and medals were very well done and in super taste. What a nice keeper! And I heard both Pam Reed and Stephanie Wenneborg say that they were very impressed. The Tucson group of women that came together enjoyed both the marathon and the half. We stayed at the Gold Canyon Resort and we were treated so well, they gave us super service and were all very friendly and willing to help. They recommended a super Italian restaurant, Cappottos on Idaho - we had a super meal the night before the race there. I know how hard it is to pull these types of events together. You and your committee did a super job. It's also always nice to hear the "positives." I KNOW! Thanks again for a great experience and your hard work making it all come together. I know I speak for our entire group.
Elisa Kinder
VP, Southern Arizona Roadrunners

Just a line to let you know, you guys did a great job on Sunday! I have done all 50 states and am on my second time around...plus several international marathons, and must say that it was very well done in all respects. In fact, I will add some good comments on MarathonGuide.com when I get a chance. I am a "Race Official" for the Twin Cities Marathon and unless one has had hands on experience with organizing one of these events, it's just impossible to comprehend what's involved. Again, you can be proud of your marathon and volunteers! Also, you'd better be prepared because I think the "Dutchman" will grow ever more quickly once the word spreads further among those of us in the snow and rust belt! Your timing in mid-January is a great advantage also, I think
Roger D. Hauge

GREAT race!
great organization
great expo
good start-half marathon
outstanding support
really nice shirts and finisher's medals
great post race events and food
Congratulations! I will keep running one of the Lost Dutchman events rather than switch next year. Keep it small and friendly. R & R will not be so small and friendly. Hope all is well with you.
Tom Cox

I just wanted to drop a note, that once again, you all outdid yourselves, and proved that a race just starting out can be far better than races that have been around for a while. The entire race was FANTASTIC. From the goodie bags, shirts, medals for the half marathon, water stops, volunteers, crowd support, post race food and more. I could go on and on and on. We happened upon this race last year when my family was here from Nebraska. This year, they planned their winter vacation around the Dutchman race, and plan to in the future. I also was able to get my sister here from Texas. Thanks again for all your hard work. You should all be so proud!!!!
Gina Polewka

I just wanted to write to say what a great job you and all your fellow organizers did in putting on a FANTASTIC event, The 2nd Annual Lost Dutchman Marathon!! I have been participating in both runs and bicycle (road) racing for the past twenty years, and your event is very organized and well run. I ran in the half marathon - all the aid station workers (water/Accelerade passers, etc.) seemed to have been well-coached in the "proper" technique of handing off liquids to runners, as well as calling out what the liquid they were holding was, standing out of the way, etc., as well as providing encouraging words to the runners. Also, one of my friends pointed out to me that this is one of the few events he has ever been in where it seemed like "porta-potties" were available at ALL of the rest stops. The people at the Start/Finish Line were equally competent in their jobs of counting down to the start, removing timing chips, handing out finishing medals, etc. The after-run events and food and beverage available were also really impressive! I just can't over-emphasize how impressed I was at the event you all put on, with this only being your second year! If this run is always this well organized, I expect it to become one of the premier early spring (okay, I know it's actually winter) events in the entire Southwest!!
Humdinger Hoopingarner Phoenix, AZ

My wife and I have each done over 50 marathons and 10 Ironman races. We have done a bunch of races in a whole lot of places and without a doubt you folks at Lost Dutchman Marathon have found the gold. You, the race committee, volunteers and the community of Apache Jct. should be most proud of your race. Every small detail was attended to with care. It all started with the informative website and colorful race confirmation postcards. Everything was as advertised. The pre-race meal and local historian were treats as was the expo. Race day got even better. The parking was convenient, the buses were available and the drivers most friendly. The little bon fires were a welcome treat in the cool morning air and the sheriff's shotgun start was a hit too. The singing cowboy was great but not as good looking as the belly dancers. More than enough water/aid stations and porta-potties at every stop. Good job!! The medals were distinctive and tasteful as were the breakfast burritos at the finish. Great weather, great support and a great day all under the watchful eyes of the Ancient Ancestors watching from the Superstitions.
Thanks for your hospitality and congrats on holding a gem in the desert.
Dot & John Martin - Montpelier, Vermont

My daughter, Lisa Schneider, and I completed the 10K Sunday. Looking at the results, it appears that I came in 1st in my age group (55-60) and she came in 3rd in her age group (25-30). By the way, we really enjoyed the race. What a beautiful setting; it was quite a sight to run into that mountain view; took my mind off of being in a race. Very well marked course, not too many turns or hills and just the right amount of participants. We are likely to do the marathon in the next year or two.
Lewis Schneider, Wilmette, Illinois

I just wanted to thank you for what I consider my most memorable marathon so far out of 18 before it. I forget to pick up my windbreaker after the race, but it was brought to the resort for me. If I could add one thing to improve on, it would be in apparel. The guy didn't have sweatshirts with the logo, 2 larges was it. I usually spend a lot on shirts, sweatshirts and hats and your race is one worth remembering. I would have loved to get an xxl sweatshirt. Also for the kids in the 2 mi. fun run/walk, it would have been nice to have a kid's size. Just things to think of as you grow. Thanks! I'll recommend your race to anyone.
Ricky Dare

Thank you all for such a wonderful race!!!!!!!! Our family enjoyed it so much. It truly is one of the best races we have ever attended from the volunteer massage therapists to the friendliness of all the volunteers, the goody bags, the food, all the water and race drinks etc. etc. etc. Thank you all for all your effort and doing such a fine job!!! One daughter and my husband did the 10k--and one daughter the 1/2 marathon.
Mary Jo Simunaci ( I did the 2 mile walk)

I really enjoyed the race. I thought it was well organized. I especially liked the small things y'all did for competitors, such as calling out my name as I crossed the finished line. That felt great!
Scott McMillan

Hi Guys!!
I can't say enough about what a great experience the LD marathon was. From running with you early on to the actual marathon - it has been great. As I was running I heard other runners saying such comments as: what a beautiful marathon, this is great, the aid stations are so friendly, etc. Everyone was praising what was a terrific event. Not one negative comment did I hear during the entire 26.2 miles. You should be very proud!!! I look forward to being involved again next year.
Bill Connolly

I enjoyed the Lost Dutchman Marathon. Here's my specific comments.
Registration. Laminated postcard was a nice touch. Received it fairly quick after I registered in November. Web site registration info was OK, but it would have been nice to see master list of sign ups and stats ahead of time. Hotels: I stayed at one of your suggested hotels, The Express Inn and would stay there again. I visited AJ in Dec and checked out all three hotels. The desk person at AJ knew exactly what I was talking about when I mentioned LD Marathon while the desk person at the other hotels were a bit less certain. I liked the size and location of EI. The folks were friendly and accommodating.
Expo: Surprised that it was not crowded both times I visited on Saturday (1000 and 1500). Very helpful race staff, volunteers and vendors. Especially enjoyed my conversations with folks from Marathon and Beyond, Carbo Boom and Frames. Processing went smooth, quick. Nice big bag for goodies and tie-able bag for clothes drop. People knew where to send you for processing. Wendy was quite knowledgeable at the entrance and her "answer book" was close at hand for those things she didn't know.
Race: Thanks for the early start. I had an injury that I knew would slow me down, if not halt me. Consider an earlier start for all. Weather/sunlight should permit it. I caught bus at Peralta Elementary School (thanks for that option). Was pleased when driver from Rodeo Grounds stopped to see if we wanted to ride with her. Route was varied and a challenge. Stations on route were all top notch. Appreciated that it was fairly easy to discern at every stop where the water and Accelerade were. Was surprised and pleased to get oranges at a few stops. They were sweet and juicy. Mile markers with balloons were easy to see/anticipate. Particularly enjoyed the Singing Cowboy and (non-singing) horse early on and Belly Dancers about Mile 10. Would have been nice if they were on same side of road as runners. How about those Chippendale Dancers for the ladies? "Wall" at top of Lost Dutchman was nice touch. Did you have an aid station competition? Was asked by Purple Ladies to "vote for them. Finish Line: Good amount of distance for the stretch balloons made it easy to determine. Thanks for the cups of water before medal award. Bottle water and "Pulse" was out when I finished, but there was plenty of food at food tent. Was easy to find things, as there wasn't a crowd when I finished and things were fairly "open." Was hoping for a massage but bypassed as there was one masseuse(r). Walk back to Rodeo Grounds was not a problem. Busses appeared to be timely between Rodeo Grounds/Park.
Other Stuff. Enjoyed a couple good meals at local restaurants: Cousin Vinnies and Waldos. Passed on your pasta dinner primarily due to time/location/price. CV was right across street and I usually eat between 4:30 and 5:00. Ate breakfast Monday at Cobbys. Minor mistake: plenty of cigarette smoke. Tasty food, though.
Bottom Line: Very good run. Well planned and supported. I may run it again, because I live so close (Tucson) and would like to better my time.
Congratulations. Sincerely, Dennis L Richards

Wow! The 2003 Lost Dutchman Marathon was a great experience! You really know how to put on a first-class event. The course was beautiful, the volunteers were friendly and helpful, and the finish area was great. I especially enjoyed the warming fires at the starting line and the plentiful massage tables at the finish area. I think the prizes and awards were the most impressive, though. In addition to the beautiful awards you gave to the winners of the races, the prizes you gave out while people waited around for race results were so generous! Congratulations and thank you for a job well done!
Kristen Schell, Gilbert, AZ