Lost Dutchman Marathon Events

Half Marathon Pacers

Lost Dutchman Half Marathon Pacers

Below are the race pacers from the 2024 Lost Dutchman Half Marathon, this page will be updated when pacers for 2025 are set.

1:306:52Erik Chazin
1:458:00Ken Brooks
2:009:09Monica Heinemann
2:1510:18Patti Krebsbach
2:3011:26Tammy Campbell
2:4512:35Marie Johnson

Erik Chazin - 1:30

Erik Chazin Half Marathon Pacer 1.30

Erik Chazin Half Marathon Pacer 1:30

My name is Erik Chazin and I am a 29 year old runner and resident of Gilbert, Arizona. I have been running long distance since 2010, ran Division 3 for University of Redlands Cross Country & Track, and have been training post-collegiately since. I have raced 12 Half Marathons, 5 Marathons, and am a 2X Boston Marathon finisher. I am a coach & owner at my running coaching business EMC Coaching. I love the Arizona running community and pacing my teammates & running friends!

Ken Brooks - 1:45

Ken Brooks Half Marathon Pacer 1.45

Ken Brooks Half Marathon Pacer 1.45

Where to start?! I am home based in Chandler where I moved to from Kalamazoo, Michigan in 2019. GO BLUE! I have raced across all distances and hold PRs of 2:38 (Full), 1:12 (Half), 32:56 (10K) 15:56 (5K), that I am most proud off. I was also a sponsored distance runner with Team CW-X for a number of years and also trained a number of runners training for distances from 5Ks to Ultras. Since 2008 I have run over 60 half's, a dozen 25Ks, well over 100 5Ks and 10Ks, and currently 101 marathons, including 2 Ultras. Running has given so much to me, in so many ways, that I enjoy the chance to give back in the form of pacing. I'm an avid pacer for half's, 25Ks and fulls all over North America. I wish you all the best of luck at one of my favorite half marathons in the state! Happy running and I'll see you on race day!

Patti Krebsbach - 2:15

Patti Krebsbach Half Marathon Pacer 2.15

Patti Krebsbach Half Marathon Pacer 2:15

Patti is from the suburbs of Seattle, but spends her winters in Mesa. She started running in 2003 and hasn't stopped since. She has gone on to complete hundreds of race distances from 5K up to Ironman 140.6. Patti loves to travel and has finished a marathon in all 50 states, plus Canada, Spain,and Italy.

Tammy Campbell - 2:30

Emily Spano Half Marathon Pacer 2.30

Tammy Campbell Half Marathon Pacer 2:30

I've completed 125 half marathons with a fast time of 1:45 in Las Vegas. I love pacing and helping others meet their goals. I need 3 more states to complete a half marathon in all 50 states. It's been so fun traveling and meeting runners from all over the USA. I'm looking forward to meeting you out on the Lost Dutchman course.

Marie Johnson - 2:45

Marie Johnson Half Marathon Pacer 2.45

Marie Johnson Half Marathon Pacer 2:45

The year was 2016 when Marie crossed the finish line of her very first race. It was a half-marathon that had been sitting on her bucket list for over a decade. Soon after that she caught the running bug and since then she has completed over 50 races from 5K's to the big 26.2! Marie was not always a runner and used to think running wasn't cool. Nowadays, she's a fanatic!