Lost Dutchman Marathon Events

Cancellation Policy of The Lost Dutchman Events

Event Cancellation or Modification Policy

The setting and terrain of the Lost Dutchman Marathon leaves our races vulnerable to natural events such as flooding that might cause courses to be altered or in extreme cases one or more races to be canceled. Additionally, we are subject to permits from the State of Arizona, Pinal County and the City of Apache Junction. We have maintained and continue to maintain excellent relations with these agencies, however there exists the possibility that at some point a situation might occur which would result in revocation or modification of these permits and in turn affect our event. In the very remote possibility that either of these conflicts occurs, our process will be as follows:

  1. We will use various electronic means, including but not limited to e-mail, the Lost Dutchman Marathon Website and the Lost Dutchman Facebook Fan Page leading up to the event to communicate with participants of any potential issues which may arise. Frequent status reports will be provided after we start the process. We have done this once in the past when heavy rains and snow runoff threatened our marathon course. It is the responsibility of each runner registered to check their e-mails and/or Lost Dutchman web pages for updates.
  2. If a problem exists on race morning the Lost Dutchman Marathon, Inc. board of directors, in concert with local officials (Apache Junction Police Department, AJ Fire District, Pinal County Supervisor, and appropriate city officials) will make decisions regarding amendment or cancellation of the race with the safety of our volunteers and participants as our number one concern.
  3. Where necessary and where possible, courses and/or race segments will be altered as agreed to between Lost Dutchman Marathon, Inc. and local officials. Runners will be notified of these course changes via electronic means as well as through announcements and signage at the race expo and start line. If it is deemed that reroutes are not possible, races will be canceled. The decision of the Race Director will be final.
  4. Financial Restitution: Even before race day, all of the costs to put on the event have been incurred; therefore it is not financially feasible for Lost Dutchman Marathon, Inc. to accept the risk of a cancellation due to natural disaster for everyone. Participants who register must do so with the full understanding that if races are canceled due to natural disasters, there will be no refunds or free entries to future races. Each participant needs to consider this and accept the risk of loss of his or her entry fee and any other expenses incurred in connection with attending the event. There will be no exceptions made to this rule.
  5. Although the chances of a cancellation are very remote, if one does occur the board of directors will meet as soon as practical after our financial condition is known to determine if there are things we can do to lessen the negative impact such as provide discount coupons for a future event. Information will be provided to all registrants through electronic means, such as e-mail, as soon as that process is completed.