The Lost Dutchman Marathon

Sunday, February 17, 2019

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Marathon Feedback

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Lost Dutchman 2017 Feedback

Outstanding effort by all. With this year's weather conditions, staff and volunteers went beyond the normal to put on a 1st class event!

Fontana - California

Sweet local GEM of a race. Everything was so well organized and coordinated, the amount of enthusiasm and camraderie was wonderful. You can't beat the beauty of the course, and even though it rained the whole was AWESOME! I will definitely be back next year and more than likely when we leave AZ in 2 years I will travel back for this race. Thank you!!!

Christie J - Scottsdale

The volunteers were awesome. Like the way they cheered us on and helped as much as possible.

Ricardo Guillãn - Apache Junction

Another great race despite the conditions. I'm from KY - I didn't know it rained in the desert!

Joe Duane - Louisville KY

I love this race and I will be back next year! LDM is an awesome event with breathtaking mountain scenery. The organizers and the volunteers are fantastic and deserve kudos for all of their hard work.

Laura Mostosky - Mesa, AZ

On a cold rainy day the volunteers couldn't have been more awesome! Thanks to everyone who came out and put this together and supported us on a really bad weather day!!!

Mitch - Buffalo Grove, Il.

What a great race with a beautiful course. Despite the terrible weather, all volunteers (and racers!!!) still had smiles on their faces. I would highly recommend this event.

Jenna Bowers - Tempe, AZ

This was my first half marathon and it was beautiful. Despite the rare freezing rainy weather, I had a great experience. The race was very well arranged and felt more personal, thoughtful and organized than other races I have participated in. There was more than an adequate amount of water/aid stations, volunteers and encouragement. From registration to finish, everything was simple, fun and energetic. Thank you so much!

Pamela Sanders - Mesa, AZ

I was very happy with this race. We were disappointed with the weather only because we didn't get to sit by the fires and see the sunrise, but that certainly can't be helped. And other than the soaking wet clothes, it was great running weather. I wish I would have thought to bring dry socks to change into at a halfway point, but who knew that it could rain so much in a desert (not me, obviously!). The aid station volunteers were the best I've ever seen. I couldn't believe their enthusiasm, even standing out in the rain like they did. There was even bacon and donut holes at one aid station...yum! The weather actually made this a marathon to remember and I loved hearing my name called out at the finish.

Nicole - Colorado

Even in the rain and wind and cold, the volunteers were amazing! Smiles, encouragement, positive vibes! Fellow racers cheering each other on. It was tough, but it was worth every rainy second!!!

Christina Coates - Gilbert, AZ

I have participated in the 8k Trail Run every single year since the race's inception & love it! Despite today's rain & the mud & puddles on the course (an extraordinarily rare occurrence), I'd highly recommend this race to anyone.

Kitty Carlisle - Apache Junction, AZ

Excellent race! My favorite part of the Phoenix metro area. Easy course with lots of support on the way. Mile markers were extremely precise. Even in pouring rain, lots of volunteers came out to support us.

ACG - Madison, WI

Thank you to the volunteers of the 2017 Lost Dutchman Marathon. Smiling faces everywhere albeit not a great day to be standing out in the muck handing out water and sticky Gatorade. Great conditions for runners. Not so much for them. The volunteers are what make this race a success.

Don W - Apache Junction

Great job you guys, especially with the weather conditions! I ran the 8K Trail Run and would have been disappointed if you would have cancelled or rerouted. First time to do the LDM and will be back next year. All aspects of your race are first class. Thank you!

Tim Fagan - Rio Rico, AZZ

This race was one of a kind. Awesome volunteers that brave the rain for us runners and great staff that made difficult decisions. Running the first several miles through the desert really made this race unique and memorable. I'm so glad I chose the Lost Dutchman marathon!

Kristie - Paducah, KY

The volunteers are very helpful and enthusiastic. Even with the bad weather they were very encouraging and willing to battle the weather just as much as the runners.

Michele Klotzback - Albuquerque, NM

Hi! I wanted to see if you could kindly pass on another thank you to the AJ Parks and Rec team and the volunteers who were able to drag my car out of a ditch before the race! I was so worried I was going to miss the race due to my bad parking skills, but the four men were able to pull me out and still allowed time for me to shiver in the rain before the start! Lost Dutchman is my favorite race in the valley and I completed it for the 7th time yesterday and was able to PR!! Keep the good work up, looking forward to 2018.

Anne S - Meas AZ

I could tell this would have been a great race had it not been freezing cold and raining. Keeping the unusual Arizona weather this day in mind they did a wonderful job setting up and keeping the race going. I know there was not everything there should be because people were finishing and leaving right away to get home and get warm and dry. I am going to try again next year because the course will be beautiful in the sun instead of cloudy and rainy which took away from the beauty of the Arizona desert around you as you run.

Gilbert, AZ

Just an amazing race. The volunteers are awesome and everything is set up beautifully. I'll definitely be back next year.

Chris Perea - Phoenix

Just finished the 2017 Lost Dutchman Marathon and Swim Meet. My first Marathon. While I could complain about the weather there was nothing that could be done and I'm glad the event was not cancelled. I could have prepared a bit better for the rain but I finshed upright and breathing which was my goal. "Race support" was beyond amazing. A variety of foods, plentiful water stops and great volunteers.

Apache Junction

Extremely well organized event. Very happy with everything beginning with the registration process, expo, courses and volunteers. This year's weather was tough for both the runners and volunteers but all survived. Credit should be given to the total organization. I'll be back next year for my 5th time.

Jim Schnitzler - Los Lunas, NM

Arizona's Best runners come out to run the Lost Dutchman Marathon. These runners always thank the aid stations for coming out.


Wonderful 10K. My very first 10K and it was tough, with the cold, wind and rain. However, the volunteers were amazing as well as the medical tent ( which I had to use). Also, a huge thank you to the AJ police, fire and medical. If they weren't out there blocking the streets and helping us distressed and sick runners, we would have been in deep trouble. Anyways, top notch and already looking forward to 2018! The award medals were above and beyond amazing! The spinners are a hit, please keep them!


Fantastic volunteers during a cold, rainy day really went the extra mile to help out runners.

Lynn Grieger - Prescott AZ

Thank you to all of the volunteers and sponsors who braved the rainy day to support the runners!! The volunteers put a smile on my face!!

Queen Creek

Our first time running this race, had an awesome time, the weather could have been a little better, but, did not deter anyone it appears. Hope to make it back again.

Delta Jct, Alaska

The views along the race were awesome. The volunteers along the way were awesomer! (yeah, I said that)

Tucson AZ

Ran the 8K for the second year in a row. Thank you to all of the volunteers, police officers, and all of the additional first responders. The volunteers were awesome in their encouragement that we could all make it through the rain! Thanks so much for a wonderful event.

Gold Canyon

Another great LDM. This was my third LDM half marathon, and it was amazing that you still had the number of volunteers even though the weather was pretty bad. Thanks so much for handing out the space blankets at First Aid after the race. I will be back again next year for another adventure!

John Swain - Mesa

Some will be upset with the weather and the running conditions, particularly the trail run, which quite literally, became a mud run. I thought it was an unexpected challenge and an opportunity to add another experience to what trail running is all about! What a good memory the 2017 8k trail run will be!

Gold Canyon

The only downer for me would be the buses picking us up after the race, standing in the rain, it was horrible. Other that that the whole experience was interesting. I did the 8K in the mud trail. After I finished, thinking about what I achieved I was over joyed that I finished, as I am 70 years old. I will be doing this race again next year. This is my second LDM.

Even though the weather wasn't the best the race was spectacular! Special thanks to all the volunteers, I'm not sure I could have stood outside in the rain. This is my favorite half marathon. Next year hoping to do my first marathon at the Lost Dutchman. Thanks for a great event. Can't wait until next year.

Even with rainy and cold weather, a great race!

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